Psychological counseling for victums of * White Terror *

I met a fellow from North America who had studied psychology in Graduate School, and he expressed the opinion that the government should offer free group psychological counseling for victums of the White Terror era . . . . .

Is this a good suggestion? Or has it already been done? By the way, what are the general dates given for the beginning and end of this White Terror era?

Are people affected by this really “healed” at the present time, and with the recent “Hands across Taiwan” event on Feb. 28, 2004? Or is there still a lot of psychological damage which needs to be dealt with?

I’ve asked this question of my Taiwan friends and students and people under 50 don’t seem to be bothered. Older ones tend to brush over the subject of any psychological damage. But surely there must be some mass psychological aftershocks still rocking through the population and it should be explored.

I think your friend has the right idea, but a government-run program could be accused of being a political weapon for the DPP. Perhaps private psychologists could (or maybe they already do) offer the service?

I know quite a lot of people who were gaoled (jailed) under the 1950s KMT white terror. They are all rather old. I can’t imagine them going for counselling. If you want to meet some of these people, I would be happy to introduce you.