Psyllium husk

Anyone know if this is available here in Taipei? Failing that any other ideas about lowering cholesterol. Diet is not factor, genetics are in my case. Thanks

Don’t know about psyllium husk. I know it’s fairly abrasive - is it really a wise idea to use on a long-term basis?
Have you heard of that butter/margarine substitute called Benecol? I guess it’s a bit pricey but they say they have clinical evidence to prove it reduces cholesterol.

eat fish and drink green tea

Psyllium husk

Taiwan doesn’t have Metamucil (which is psyllium)?
Excercise is supposed to improve the ratio of HDL-cholesterol to LDL-cholesterol.
There are also several prescription medicines for lowering LDL cholesterol (lipitor, etc). Ask your doctor.

Have one of your family members stop by a “real” Costco at home and pick up the Kirkland brand regular flavor metamucil (jumbo tub approx. $7.99) or the orange flavor (jumbo tub approx. $9.99). Have a friend ship it over by boat and mark the box “books”. While you’re at it have them toss in a tube of Neosporine and hydrocortizone cream as well. Don’t mark it as anything related to vitamins or suppliments as Taiwan’s FDA (F-ing Dumb A-holes) will say they need to test it for quality. Whatever the hell that means. Hey, it happened to me once.

For some odd reason the Costco corporation thought that they would get the best value from my dollar if they stocked the Taiwan Costco stores with 75% local product = 10 different kinds of rice in bulk. What the hell? If I buy a pair of Nikes or Adidas do I only get one shoe and no laces? Do the Sheraton, Hyatt, Hilton, Regent hotels only give you 25% of the room they would give you at home? Do Mercedes, Renault, Land Rover, or Ford only sell cars in Taiwan with one wheel instead of four? Imagine going to McDonalds and ordering a Big Mac meal but instead getting a handfull of rice, some stinky tofu, and a Coke. Wait! At least McDonalds would be giving you 33% of what they would give you at home, which is far better than what Costco is doing here.

And if any A-hole Costco employees are reading this, stop covering up the nutritional information on the back of products with your God-damn Chinese lables!

The benefits of Metamucil as a dietary supplement can lower your CH levels by up to 25% though 15% is more likely. Another suggestion is more fruit and green leafy veggies (cook them yourself and stay the hell away from the boiled local crap). Also consider adding a few veggie meals to your diet as research as shown that doing so is quite similar to being on CH lowering medication.

GNC has it in Taichung. I assume other stores stock it.

I am giving you fair warning. Monkey’s going to come down on that like a ton of bananas.

Yes Wolf, even a puny simian brain like mine understands that by far the best way to lose weight is to stop shoveling food into your face all day long. Diet is not a factor? :unamused: Or is it that you’re not really fat, you’re just generously proportioned and happen to have a cholesterol imbalance? Yes, we all know how the body’s chemistry can go haywire through bad genes and start manufacturing huge amounts of cholesterol to befuddle hospital tests that should be telling you that that you’re big-boned, not fat!

Plenty of people have a genetic predispostion to high cholesterol. Even people who are at or below their “ideal” weight and exercise regularly can have high cholesterol. And there are plenty of fat people with below-average cholesterol levels. But you’re right, diet is a big factor. Psyllium husk is just a form of fiber, so it’s obviously a dietary factor. Drugs like Lipitor are not.

This is from a patient information piece (High Blood Cholesterol - What You Need to Know) from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, part of the NIH:

“Heredity. Your genes partly determine how much cholesterol your body makes. High blood cholesterol can run in families.”

Here’s the link to the PDF: … /wyntk.pdf

And the main page:

I can show you how to lower your bad cholesterol with a herbal supplement (no drugs) that is clinically proven in the U.S. Send me a PM for more information. :smiley:

Hi richmn!
I bought psyllium husk last December at GNC (~NT$1300), used it for a diet and have most of the jar left. I exchange it for a nice portion of cherries. How about that?
0919208010 Silvia

I saw organic husk psyllium at Jason’s today, 180g for $222.

Go to an organic store and they sell psyllium husk :slight_smile: I buy it at a local organic store. Its fairly expensive and its not bulk…Also, I bought metamucil from the costco in my city (HSINCHU), however I returned it because there are too many additives in the product…

Check out on google foods that lower LDL (cholesterol)…I know beans are excellent, especially soy :slight_smile:

you can buy it at any watson store the name is Sentosa Natural Psyllium Husk Fiber

I bought a pretty decent sized bag of regular, unflavored psyllium husk at an organic store here in Hsinchu. I think it was about NT $160.

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Hello may i know where in hsinchu you bought the psylium husk??

Hello may i know where in hsinchu?


@Passion26 said CostCo in Hsinchu for Metamucil

But he returned it because so many additives… :slight_smile: thank you