Public insult and defamation

Only in Taiwan do people have to worry about potentially being sued for something so stupid.



I think you mean only on forumosa, lol.


Reminded me of this:

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If that isn’t the interpretation, what that means?
Probably the guy(with the girl) knows she is the “ex” of the other “guy” and his friend pretty much threatened him. Well, “the finger guys” deserve a little lesson for sure, next time he avoids pointing fingers at people, very impolite.

May get a time out if a kindergartener.


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Potentially quite serious, this could be taken beyond insult and a civil case to a criminal case for death threats or similar. Stupid thing to do, particulalry as it wasn’t even that’s guys ex girlfriend. He better hope the guy he did it to isn’t bothered enough to go to the police.

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Here’s the appropriate punishment (or reward).


That was my thinking. However, presumably proof would be required. Either witnesses or CCTV.

Interpretation usually reflects how negative the person is.

Taking in the whole picture, your mate was smiling when he did it. I would think the gesture was meant to be friendly.

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Another Thailand case

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From a business owners perspective, I do think there needs to be some protections in place for intentional trying to harm a business with false reviews. But it’s a tricky one because many of the times it’s a matter of opinion, I don’t think those should be considered. But criminal proceedings seem a little bit excessive.

We had an incident recently where someone wrote a false review claiming we didn’t send her something and didn’t help her. When in fact she was trying to scam us.

We had pictures of it being delivered to her door with someone who is likely her taking it. She had very distinctive features at her front door like a unique door color and style along with a unique floor mat. I got our account manager at the courier we use to see if this matches any deliveries to her and we got several pictures of deliveries made to her with the same exact features and person taking it. (No face is allowed due to some laws but it’s clearly the same person) and no other neighbor at her street had this door color of style.

All of it also matches googles street views we gathered and she was selling her car on facebook in front of her house and we took all the screenshots of them.

I sent her a demand letter saying she needs to repay what she claimed back at her bank. (Unfortunately banks often side with the customers and not the merchants) and take down this review. I basically showed her all the evidence we gathered and said we would take her to claims court and if we won, we would proceed with civil court for libel/defamation because we already would have won the claims court saying she did receive it.

She did pay up at the end. But this is something businesses deal with often in the e-commerce industry.

We also have cameras on top of the packing station now (probably going to upgrade to even better ones to see every package being packed)

While the video evidence is not very strong in my understanding in court, it at at least lets us show the customer trying to scam us we have it. Just last week we had someone claim they received an empty box from us, we replied politely that we will review our videos for that package and she never responded. So it’s enough to often scare off potential scammers.


Yeah if it can be demonstrated someone is maliciously abusing the function to harm someone, I’m not really bothered by it. The devil is in the details though, and it could be a slippery slope and/or abused by the powerful.


This morning during rush hour on mrt. A abei was yelling at some kid why he cut in line. Asked if he was from China. Could that be considered public insult?


Technically, if a Taiwanese, he is a Republic of China National haha can’t be an insult I guess

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Not legal advice.
But asking is not often considered an insult.

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I should remember this.

Ni shi zhong guo ren ma???

The guy used da Lu instead. :grin:

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So if questions aren’t insults, can I say something like 請問,你可以去操你的媽嗎? Excuse me, but could you please go and fuck your mother?

That’s not a question, that’s a command.

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