Public lap pool in Taoyuan and/or Taipei

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone can help me find a public lap swimming pool located in Taoyuan, and/ or Taipei. I live in Taoyuan but will be willing to travel to Taipei.


There is a pool in Taoyuan at 34 Zhongping Lu. called 桃園縣立游泳池 (Taoyuan xian li youyong chi) or Taoyuan county swimming pool.
I was only there for a swim meet, so I don’t know about hours, prices, etc. But I do know it’s there :slight_smile:

That’s the one. It’s quite a nice one off Gui-Ji Road. It’s quite large, and has indoor and outdoor pools. In the winter there’s hardly anyone there. Pretty cheap, about 100 NT, I think. … 11362&z=17

Single visit $300
Ten tickets $1500
33 tickets $3600 ($109 each)
40 tickets $5000 ($125 each [!])
Annual membership $16000
One month trial $1990

Prices accurate last Sunday, when I went with my wife (who thinks she saw poo in the indoor small warm swimming pool).

They have sauna, steam room, gym with weights and CV stuff (no rowers, power racks or heavy free weights but they have cable machines and some other useful stuff like a smith machine). They have a small (15-20m) warm indoor lane pool, a kids’ play pool, an indoor 25m cool lane pool and an outdoor pool with no lanes and no people due to the low temp!

I don’t know if it will stay open in the winter though, maybe someone knows? I’m into the cold water swimming idea like the big blue beyond (only with a bit more algae).