Public Nudity?

I read an article in the Taipei Times today about an adult movie star that goes around taipei and does naked photo shoots in the middle of the day :shock: Her last photo shoot was at busy Ximending. You can read the article here.

She says that because Taiwan has so many prostitution problems, her walking around Taipei nude shouldn’t be a problem or something to that effect. The police havn’t arrested her… yet… What do you all think? Should she be kicked out of the country like the councilwoman suggested?

If it was a naked MALE adult movie star doing photo shoots in busy Taipei, do you think there would be a different reaction?

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to stir up trouble (some people say I’m a troublemaker :mrgreen: ). I just want to know what y’all think :sunglasses:

Just to clarify, I mean would there be a different reaction by the PUBLIC if a male adult movie star were to do a photo shoot in the middle of the day like she did. It seems like she has done these photo shoots a few times now, and the police so far havn’t done anything about it except issue those statements about what they do if they catch her doing it again (it’s almost as if they WANT her to do it again, because they have the proof and she has confessed to doing it after all). So I’m guessing that there hasn’t been TOO many complaints (maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know). The Police only made those statements found in the news article after that councilwoman got mad

Have you SEEN her Website? She seems to specialize in orificial plugging and HOW!!!
And she does it all by herself. Truly living the American dream.

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don’t you all think so?

I agree! Come on over and start a’clicking!

That was a great show, Christine! Really professional. Too bad for any of those people who missed it.

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Does any out there agree with me that since Kiko is coming to Taiwan now, maybe there should be some kind of Kiko alert e-mail? Something like:

Hey! Hey!

Kiko Alert! Kiko Alert!

She’s naked and causing chaos on the streets of Hsimenting again! Quickly get her autograph before the cops grab her!

Kiko Alert! Kiko Alert!

Hey! Hey!

Does anyone have an update to the important comments/considerations raised in this thread? Have more people gotten on Kiko’s bandwagon, so to speak?

I have been told of two interesting legal points in Taiwan.

First, it is legal to go around nude in Taiwan as long as you have something on like a necklace or socks. Anyone heard this before?

Second it is not illegal to urinate in public places.

Is this like a ladies only law or can guys roam around with their lizard dragging too?

I mean we have equal rights, right?


come on now! lol (reminds of the movie basketball)

Reminds me of an incident a couple of years back at the University of Idaho. Hot summer day and the male students were walking around town wearing only their jogging shorts. Three coeds seemed to agree that this attire would be more comfortable. They made it about 4 blocks before being arrested. The judge (I am proud to call him my friend but he will remain nameless here) dismissed the charges because the Constitution of the U.S. grants equal protection under the law. Lacking a statute that properly protects that freedom while still prohibiting female topless nudity, the charge will not stand. I admire those three to this day.

If you would post a photo of those three, we could all join you in admiring those three… or would it be, those six? :wink:

Public nudity as expression:

Is this what the Ta-an Park rally was like?

I got “dakked” by my girlfriend the other day, out near Ta-An Park.

Does that count as “public nudity”?

The Big Babou :wink:

I hate to reveal my ignorance of current slang, but what does “dakked” mean? I could make a guess given the context, but I’d like to know for sure.

[quote=“The Big Babou”]I got “dakked” by my girlfriend the other day, out near Ta-an (Da’an) Park.

Does that count as “public nudity”?

The Big Babou :wink:[/quote]

“Dakked”, I haven’t heard that for a while. Classic, I love it.

Dakked means to be down troued. Having someone pull your pants down and revealing whatever lies beneath, underwear ( hopefully not coming down with the pants) or the lack there of.

I think we need an Australian, Kiwi, slang thread - much more colorful and interesting than that US stuff.

Did she get a good look at your organ? What was her reaction?