Public School Attendance Policies in Elementary

Hi, kind of a followup on my school year calendar thread, but just wondering what folks experience/knowledge is regarding how lenient public schools in Taipei are regarding attendance. Especially for first grade. Thanks!

Haven’t seen your other thread. Leniency towards parents or teachers?

I heard parents can get in trouble with the government if their kids don’t show up to school for a certain number of days.

Not sure if anybody can elaborate on that.

Toward parents. I’m hoping to take my kid out of first grade for a few weeks during the school year (next year…we haven’t even moved to Taipei yet.) I am curious what to expect and also wondering if there’s a way to know beforehand that might factor into our school selection

I actually asked this on facebook and heard from a couple people who said they did this frequently with no issues. But someone said it will be very dependent on the teacher, and someone else shared official guidelines that appear extremely strict. Seems like this is a ymmv situation but welcoming more input.

If you already have an idea of when your kid will be absent, talk to the school first.
They should be able to tell you how to proceed.
I think the government will only act if the school report the absence, but better to check with them.

I don’t know what the official rules are, but I’ve taken my son out for 2-3 weeks at a time for vacations before, with no problems. We make sure it’s not interfering with any important tests, and get all his homework in advance for him to do while we’re away.

The end-of-semester tests at his school seem to happen a month or so before the actual end, and the remaining weeks are pretty casual, so that’s a good time for it.

Just let the teacher know well in advance.

We took our child out for a month every year from grade 1 - grade 6. We still had to go through her school work with her while away, mostly from grade 4-6. We let the teacher know several months in advance.

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Thanks all. It’s great to know this seems to be not entirely uncommon.

Ah thanks for the tips! So basically getting an early jump on the extended breaks?

Yeah, and avoiding travel at the busiest times, like the start and end of the new year break.

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