Public school commiting contract fraud

I doesn’t matter.
Even if the OP’s name was there, it only supports that the OP was working without a valid working permit, which doesn’t help the OP’s case.

OMG I love this forum ha ha ha! I really wish that my school were sinister villains and not incompetent fools! But thank you all for the fabulous insights.

I’m just going to have to tell them (that they lost me with their lies and) that I’m leaving. Worst case scenario I have to start at the new place on September 1st. I have a legal work permit till August 31st so I can extend my ARC till then if need be while filling in paper work for the new job. They’re also contractually obliged to pay me June-September so I will get my money (eventually)

It’s a messy situation. Thanks for the feedback folks.

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Yeah. Seemds to me they just screwed up and to budget your money they are adding it in to the new contact months so it looks on the up and up. You get your money later, but neither party gets in trouble.

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That’s partly why I asked how obvious the forgery is.

In a worst case scenario, the solution is to raise hell. Pursue every avenue of appeal, go to the (quasi-)embassy, go to the local media, go to the media abroad, after deportation keep fighting for years and years. Be persistent. Make them regret it.

If there’s a less destructive solution, so much the better. :rainbow: