Public school pay

I’ve been offered what sounds like a great job at a public elementary school. However, I was told that overtime pay is $260/class. Does anyone have experience teaching at a public school and know if this sounds correct?
I trust y’all’s experince (usually :wink: )

When I taught at a private elemantary school the only overtime pay we got was for classes that we had subbed (i.e. if another teacher was sick and we had a free period we would teach their class for a lesson). That was only 250 per 40 minute lesson and paid once a semester, but the monthly pay was quite good though.

IMHO you accept a job offer based on the monthly salary and not the overtime rate.

Yeah, the monthly salary is great, cool location, school looks good.
I’m not turned off by the overtime thing because I know it wouldn’t be very often. Just curious.