Public School Wages and Benefits and/or Taipei American School

Hello all, looooooooooong time lurker here.

I lived in Taiwan from January 2005 until August of 2010. I married a darling Taiwanese in 2008. I’m 2 classes from finishing my Master’s in education. I have dual certification in social studies and TESOL. I speak Mandarin very well as I worked at (the very controversial) hard core foreign run buxibans my entire stay in Taiwan.

The US teaching scene is still shaky as can be and my wife and I have considered returning to Taiwan. My mother in law will even buy us our first house! So we’re tempted to “return home.” I mean, NT350/hr to sub in the US is chump change! However, I’m not excited about jumping back into the buxiban scene.

I would like to ask if anyone here knows what the job situation is like in Taiwan public schools? What are the hours and pay? What are the benefits? Taiwan teachers don’t have a pension package like the US, correct?

What about the Taipei American School? I know the pay is great for Taiwan - pushing 2 million NT in some cases. But I also know they contract teachers. Does this mean that TAS teachers get dumped after a few years or is it feasible to teach there until I’m a gross old laowai in Taiwan?

Long first post, but I love the board. Now that I’m finally registered, I’ll finally contribute. :stuck_out_tongue:

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For TAS and TES it’s better to be hired outside Taiwan, no?

As far as I know, TAS hires outside of Taiwan because it serves the expat and wealthy communities in Taiwan. The brochure from the website emphasizes the experience certified US teachers can have during a sabbatical and mentions contract renewals. The folks there don’t really clarify if it can be a career move though.

More of a career than teaching in a Hess, I would think.

Yes, it is better to be hired from outside of Taiwan. My husband and I were offered jobs at TES while still in Taiwan and because we were considered ‘local hires’ as we were already in the country, no housing was offered and the salary was something like 70,000 / month.

You need to talk to Housecat and Guy in Taiwan about the lowdown on teaching in public schools.

One school you might consider trying to apply directly would be this one in Yilan. I met a teacher there who said it was by far the best teaching he had done in Taiwan.

I know there some other private schools associated with the Hsinchu and Tainan science parks that might want you Also Lincoln school in Taichung.

Gravedigging but because it’s relevant: I was also recently offered a position at TES, 12 years after this post, and because I would have been hired from inside Taiwan I was also only offered 70k/month and no benefits. I turned them down, of course. Local public schools pay more.

They go that low for local hires!

Surely it must cause serious staffing issues between local hires and overseas hires.