Public Senior High School for a non mandarin speaker

Hi! Im a chinese-filipino. I want to study in taiwan for grade 12 but im not good at speaking mandarin since my family only speaks fookien they cant help me. I dont want to study at an international school because they said that it costs thousands of million. I’ll have a mandarin tutor while studying so is there a public senior high school that accepts a non fluent mandarin speaker?

There are private schools. When I say private I’m not talking about these overpriced "bi"lingual schools. Looks for private schools that have something you want to learn, like Computers or English. Yes, you could study English and since your test scores would be great you could get a scholarship(cover tuition costs and maybe more). But your parents would have to find out those details. There are options but it’ll be tough being your age.
Honestly, if you are in Philippines now I’d suggest just finishing school up there and maybe move to Taiwan after.

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List of schools accepting foreign students
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Thank you. My mom doesn’t want me to finish my grade 12 here in the Philippines. She’s also planning to migrate in taiwan.

Thank you.

if you don’t need a visa supported by school, (coming as a dependent or having Taiwanese passport), you may have more options.

If you are PixelMaster overseas Taiwanese, check the information in this site.
Information for Overseas Chinese Students 2019

If you or your parents read Chinese, here is more info.

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Either this is autocorrect or I don’t comprehend well. Or both.