Public Transport prices?

Hey guys plan to have a trip from Taipei down to Taichung and Tainan.I want to look for exact prices for inter city buses or the normal train. Is there anywhere i could check.
I tried googling and all i found was this It only state cancellation fee. As for the bus i tried googling for the bus company like freego, Tsuen Long,…etc . But i don’t see an official website or something where i could check prices.
Anyone here knows care to share? I wanted to know bus and train prices for Taipei-Taichung, Taichung-Tainan, and lastly Tainan-Taipei.
Thanks in advance.

I don’t know off hand, but I’m sure its in Lonely Planet. You should probably pick this up or the Rough Guide. It’ll make your travels much easier.

Normal express train Taipei-Taichung is around $400 for the fastest. Bus is half that. Taichung-Tainan about $300 (train). Not sure Tainan-Taipei but figure $700.

Some links to long haul buses (Chinese): Kuokuang Hao, all destinations Tainan on sale now Free Go offers a pricing table for all destinations