Pubs/bars in Pingtung (Pingdong)

Any pubs/bars in Pingtung? From now on I travel there a couple of times a month, so I’d like to make friends there. Drop a line here if you know. Thanks.

The one on the corner of 自由路 & 民生路 is a rip-off. They gave you old menu with low prices listed but when you pay they tell you “are you not frequent here? we’ve been using new prices long time ago… Oh sorry it’s old menu 12 years ago (no shit they said so!) so you must pay more by new prices.” I argued with them and got the old price. The pub owner’s name is Rita. Be careful if you go there.

Is there anyone out there in pingtung? Looking for a drinking partner and a local establishment. Here till end of jan 2013. PM for a beer. I wanna catch up on life in taiwan

too bad! I arrive next week, sorry to miss you.

Heading back Jan/Feb of 2014 :smiley:

Anyone around?


I’ll still be here, and have fallen in love with Duck Pub on ZiYouLu

Cool, send me a PM with your email, and I will try to find out where that is, I think I know where it is, and it is close by where I should be.

Well I’m here to the end of January so just post time and date and ill try and come by. Will go by the gorge on threats coast some time also.

near the train station find Mos burger. that street, just up a bit on the opposite side of mos burger, has a couple bars. open after 9pm i think.

There is interesting bar, indoor/outdoor near an allay near the station. Kind of route 66 American café style, anyone know the name?

give me directions i can look. I remember seeing a large route 66 painted sign in Pingtung the other week, is this the place? I totally forgot where, starting to think it may have been Kenting…??

Oh, yes, i think i just had a brain fart. Is it on a small street with many outdoor style restaurants in a row? Open later than most usually. I know the place if thats it, will look up the name on a map later.

Will be in town again this Chinese New Year, will check out what’s near the train station, and near Mos Burger, there was one last year, had a good time, F16 i think…If, IF i remember correctly.

Any updates with these? Others?

Might be spending some more time in Pingdong City, and since it’s only a short ride from Kaohsiung anyway, would be nice to go somewhere different. Found a few on the internet, not sure if they’re any good or their status (though they look open).

F18 Lounge Bar … 6961499791

GQ Lounge Bar … /timeline/

Duck Pub … /timeline/

環繞 Bar … /timeline/

Would be interested in knowing if that Route 66/outdoor-type place is still around. Always nice to have the choice of sitting outside.

It’s still there. Nice menu with Western and good Taiwanese items both food and drinks.

Have all these marked to visit. Don’t know when but in case I happen to pass through.