Puff pastry

any tips?

costco no go

apologies for the xross-post from the ‘where to find’ thread.

need puff pastry. frozen pre-made would be nice. costco doesnt have any.

any tips?

Yes, DIY baking stores around Dihua Street have it. Or any other … even in Shulin and Sanxia. Wellcome probably to in the frozen food section …

again BP comes to my rescue. will try wellcome after work


wellcome has it
mama mia on shida rd has it
i know of a place in yong he that definetly has it. pm me for details

best of luck

nama - thank you to you too… :slight_smile: pm on way

is puff pastry the flat sheets that you can brush with butter and when baked becomes flaky? I think, I THINK i saw some at Jasons in the freezer.

I’m sorry I don’t know the Chinese name for these shops and I don’t know Taipei locations. I only know the location of 2 shops in Tao Yuan (one on San Min another on FuXing).
These shops (maybe a chain) sell all sorts of baking supplies: unbaked pizza crusts, unbaked pastries, puff pastry sheets, shredded cheese, cream, sour cream, and butter.
They also carry packaged mixes, flour, spices, and pans, utensils.
You may have passed a baking supply shop and not have noticed. Here in TY, the shops’ windows are covered with faded posters for various baking products and there are no outward indications of what’s inside.

I’ve found puff pastry sheets in the frozen section at Tesco (Taipei, Minquan/SanMin) and at my local basement supermarket (何康 Hekang) in Donghu. I made chicken and beef Wellington with it. The pastry dough did turn flaky on top, but was not very flaky on the lower sides and bottom; it certainly didn’t “puff” up as I had expected, and it presumably wouldn’t end up successfull for the giant puffy tops on, say, French onion soup in bowls.

I think you are talking about Filo dough. Maybe you tried this but if not, try folding the sheets or cutting numerous pieces to fit the top of your soup bowl. Seal the sheets against the bowl or to each other with the butter. You will need to brush each piece with butter before adding the next or folding the sheet upon itself. You will need about 10 to 15 layers of buttered pastery to get a really flaky crust. Any of the bakery supply shops have the stuff, although a bit expensive.

These are nearly 3mm thick sheets of flaky pastry dough, separated by waxed paper in a stack; the stack is about 6 inches square and 2 inches high. The Tesco version is just two stacks, packaged together side by side. It is apparently suitable for beef Wellington, as the result did match the picture on the recipe. My impression is that Filo is much thinner than that. I considered brushing them with butter, stacking them, and rolling that out thinner between two sheets of cling wrap, to see what would happen.

Thanks, I will try a local bakery supply shop next, to see if they have one made of more layers.

Filo comes in a box about 16" long and about 2"square. Once you open the box you will find a rolled stack of sheets of dough that are paper thin and stacked together. Simply tease the sheets apart. Follow the English directions about keeping the sheets covered and as air tight as possible during any baking process as they dry out quickly. I am not as careful as the directions but . . . nearly so.
Enjoy. Let me know who it works.

you can’t roll out fillo pastry,once you stick them together with butter,you’ve gotta use as it is

if you need PUFF pastry only very occasionaly,you can try a “western food” restaurant,if the guy’s nice he’ll give you what you want for free

I’ve bought puff pastry from Tesco in Taoyuan and the baking supply shop in Jhongshan Rd in Taoyuan (opposite the power company).

There is a place in TienMu that has the most develishly tasty freshly made custard cream filled puff pastries. Is that what you are looking for. Their main shop is on TienMu East Rd. Southside on the corner. They have a wooden deck outside with metal railing. Cafe Seating and they are between the KFC and Mitsukoshi. They also have a location in the basement of Takashimaya. I warn you to stay away. They taste too good. Make sure you get the handmade custard cream filled ones. If you ge the wrong ones they are not that good. Ask for the ShouGong puffu. They have some Japanese name for their shop.

cream puffs and puff pastry are 2 totally different animals
the confusion wouldn’t occur if “propper and accurate” words were used for the right elements,as we do in france

wellcome and carrefour has them, as I buy my stock there to do egg tarts and some cheese and sausage speciality.

Pampas puff pastry from Australia is at Jasons in block or sheet form. It doesnt taste like the sweet local stuff either. Makes great sausage rolls! Forgot how much, but its not too costly

I need puff pastry to make sausage roll. Anyone know where to find it?

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it in Carrefour, they normally keep it in the chiller cabinet, near the fresh pasta.
They’ve got a couple of different kinds of pastry and I haven’t really checked what kinds they are…