Pukii Pukii Pukii, Kawa-ii

Am I the only person who is fascinated by Pukii, the cartoon pig mascot of the Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank. You’ve probably seen the commercials of him doing his signature hip-wiggling dance. If you really don’t know, here’s his picture:


And here’s his anthem (the one that goes “Pukii Pukii Pukii, Ka wa yi…”):


I suspect his name to have been inspired by Porky Pig, but am open to correction on this point.

Anyway, his wife (?) Lulu was introduced last year. Now, lo and behold, we catch a glimpse of their two children, whose names have not yet been revealed to my knowledge. Most fascinating of all is their dog, who is much smaller than the members of the Pukii family (as dogs are to humans) which would make it about the size of my hand, if it exists in the same universe as Pukii’s human dance partners.

Please comment with anything you know about this fascinating subject. Hmmm, maybe there is some way to subvert the adverstising campaign–I don’t know, by puttin up samizdat art showing Pukii doing evil things (like they did with Bert from Sesame Street). Could he be made the object of a fatwa?

It’s been interesting to have been living in a society during the collapse of the Kitty dynasty. You do that the Pukii emperor is nothing but a puppet ruler, controlled by the Japanese republican kingmaker, Doraemon, don’t you?

Pukii has no trousers. I hate the way his belly pops out from under his shirt when he dances around the small children. More than a little obscene.

I think of Pukii whenever I want to delay orgasm. Works everytime.

If anyone you have sex with reads this forum, I think you just permanently delayed your orgasm…

right, dr evil. that’s it. you’re moving out tonight.

Fascinated ?! Pukii is revoltingly ugly, has a horrible name (puke = vomit), and the last thing we need to be focusing on.

I just saw another commercial with the Pukiis. Just noticed they have a son and daughter–does Lulu only have two teats or something?

Anyway, they live in this suburban-looking computerized house which is built to scale (i.e. as if the pigs were human-sized). Their dog turns out to be a white poodle, who hops on its hind legs just like the dog in another commercial I saw not too long ago. The poodle is the same size as a piggy bank one of the piglets is carrying.

The reason the dog is hopping is that the Pukiis are dancing. Pukii not only disco-dances but also does tap, while his wife does the tango. The kids were doing something else–I didn’t catch what. Lulu wears red lipstick. Think about THAT tonight, Dr. Evil!

More Pukii wisdom from the official site.

Pukii’s birthday is June 16. (No year is given.)

His blood-type is “O”. (Pigs have human blood-types?)

His philosophy of life: “tsun-sai MONEY, jen HAPPY ne!” (“Save MONEY, be HAPPY!”) *

*It is a little-known fact that the Chinese have no words for either money or happiness. Or is it the same word? That might explain Pukii’s reliance on English loan-words.)

UPDATE: It seems I have misidentified members of the Pukii family (whose actual surname appears to be PU–in Roman letters–I assume them to be Taiwan aboriginal pigs who have somehow escaped, or been genetically combined with human stock…?)

Pukii is one of the piglets, who does tap and disco. Characters whom i assume to be his father (in shirt and tie, no pants) and mother (red dress and pearls) are the ones doing the tango. An MRT poster reveals their names to be Pu-Ma (pastiche of roman letters and a Chinese character) and Pu-Ba (ditto). The same poster calls the sister Pu-Mei, although she has been identified elsewhere as Lulu. Possible explanations: (a) multiple naming conventions, as per Taiwanese custom; (b) these are actually two different sisters–Lulu being the one wearing a red bow on her bare scalp, Pu-Mei the one with the knit cap with ties. Pu-Mei appears to be the primary caregiver for an as-yet-unnamed super-minature poodle (Pu-Dog?) who is fond of “dancing” on its hind legs.

In the newest commercial, their suburban house appears from the outside to be made of wood, but from the inside, of brick. Perhaps this is really aluminum siding which only resembles wood. Interestingly, their refrigerator door boasts a big picture of Pukii in his famous “come hither” pose. I wonder what the in-story explanation for this is? Perhaps Pukii is some sort of piglet celebrity in his universe.

But why the pastiche of languages? “Kawaii” is Japanese for ‘cute’. They’re using Chinese and English. Does this work for Taiwanese people?
Will Chinese go the way of Japanese, with thousands of completely unnecessary English loan-words?

In earlier ads, Pukii seems to have a girlfriend named Lulu. In current ads he seems to be a preteen piglet in a family of four.

I have a craving for pork chops…

Lulu was actually his sister, according to a poster I saw last year. She may or may not be the same piglet as the sister (?) in the latest commercial. My theory is that Lulu is an older sister who is off working as a binlang shishr (take that, automatic romanization converter!) somewhere.

I’ve asked my in-laws about the use of English and Japanese loan-words. They think that rhythm was a factor. I suppose the inherent coolness of foreign words would be another. (For the sake of comparison, German has apparently imported unnecessary English loan-words willy-nilly, I guess as a consequence of them all having to learn the language, or of associating it with Hollywood and internationalism.)

My brother-in-law, who’s a banker, says that Pukii is designed to get kids to drag their parents into Shanghai bank (though his official purpose is to promote saving habits). If this strategy works, I wonder why all the banks don’t use mascots like these…?

You know what my fantasy is? To get some sort of publishing license to do a Pukii comic book. I can think of all kinds of exciting plots which unfortunately might not fit into Shanghai Bank’s marketing objectives…

There’s another bank that has a cute yellow dragon as a mascot, who says “I wish every day was Sunday”.

His name is A-Lung (“dragon” + particle showing affection) and he represents Taiwan Life. You can see the commercial through one of the links here:


I see him as a cross between Pikachu and Barney the Purple Dinosaur.

I’m surprised arion hasn’t found this thread yet.

He is fascinated with pukii, hums that terrible jingle all the time and he’s found this bank: flickr.com/photos/aep/407854023

We could really have some fun with this, given a “SubGenius” style campaign of unauthorized image-making.

“Who’s your Dadii ?”

“Lulu, your Pu-si is so Pu-trid…!”

Or maybe something with the pigs from “Animal Farm”…?

Lulu appears not to be his sister, but definitely a crush or a love interest. There’s an ad on the MRT with Pukii and Lulu next to each other. There are hearts floating up between them, and Pukii looks smitten. Lulu’s ears are heart-shaped too.

Ergo, Pukii must be around 12 or 13 (in pig years), young enough to be a short kid in a family but old enough to no longer think of girls as “icky”. :slight_smile:

I think I’ve figured out the backstory for all this. The Pukiis live in the same universe as “Animal Farm,” only the pigs have gone completely capitalist.

More Pukii madness!!! Have you seen the commercial where a bird sings outside Pukii’s window, then his little white dog licks his face until he wakes up to a beautiful spring day, with the whole family exercising in the back yard? So they run out to play?

Note how the little white dog (confirmed as “to scale” with the Pukiis assumed to be human-sized) is able to use a hula-hoop. Strangely, he does it not by wiggling his hips, but by hopping so as to spin his body around and around (his favorite activity). The physics of this seem not to add up.

Similarly, Pukii and little sister Pu-mei are using a jump-rope together. Strangely, rather than each of them hold one end, Pu-mei holds both ends, and somehow both are able to jump at once. But wouldn’t the arc of the rope intersect with the ground? Or does she somehow reel it in with each swing?

I don’t believe that we are meant to take literally the seen of Pu-Ba (Pukii’s father) running on the treadmill with a shirt and tie. That’s just so we know it’s Pu-Ba. By the way, are treadmills normally kept outdoors?

The other commercial shows the Pukiis–joined by a “maid”, a “policeman”, and another cartoon human figure–on stage, apparently worshipping a piggy bank as the fireworks fly.

Did I mention by theory that the Pukii’s world is the same as Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” but after glasnost, when the pigs have turned capitalist? I heard they were making a movie–if so, they should use this idea!

By the way, the music totally rips off the “Hello Kitty” theme.

Thank you all for fulfilling every fantasy about critical analysis of the Pu family and putting that which strikes me as speechless, into words. A lot of man-hours must have gone into the creation of the ad campaign, which was likely spawned by men with hangovers and implemented by hard working women.