Pulchritude does not extend below the dermis

Do you know the meaning of the word “pulchritude”?

Please add your favorite neglected English word.




Embiggens. Which is, as we all know, a perfectly cromulent word.


farticle: a word to describe most articles referenced by fred smith.

Lacto-mangulation: a word to desribe the act of bungling the opening of a milk carton.

mykeysmecar: a word to describe the emotion experienced as you realize you’ve just locked your keys in the car.


Imbroglio \Im*brogl"io, n.; pl. Imbroglios. [Written also embroglio.] [It. See 1st Broil, and cf. Embroil.] 1. An intricate, complicated plot, as of a drama or work of fiction.

  1. A complicated and embarrassing state of things; a serious misunderstanding.

Wrestling to free itself from the baleful imbroglio. --Carlyle.

The continuing embroglio of Forumosa held him spellbound. --OOC



Pronunciation: skuh-NEK-tuh-dee

Founded in 1661 by Arent Van Curler, synecdoche is located about 15 miles northwest of Albany and has a population of about 66,000.

[Note: for those readers from countries which use the metric system, the population is about 79,000.]

brouhaha and its synonym hubbub. We get a few of those here every now and then :slight_smile:

Pronunciation: broo’h


Yes, I know what it means. No, I have no idea why I do or should.

Some folks around here seem to be allodoxaphobic… that is, they seem to fear other people’s opinions.

Still some other folks think w ought to bowdlerize the posts on this site… that is, some folks think we should purge all posts here of all possibly offensive or morally impure material.

I’ve bee here for near 20 years, yet I’ve never been to a KTV parlor. Why? Because my singing is even far worse than that of a cantabank… i.e., a second rate singer.

Some folks are looking for meaning and reason in the recent tsunami. I’m not. I’m a dysteleogist… that is, I believe in the purposelessness of nature.

I always make a point of staying out of those restaurants that employ some guy to stand outside and call people in to eat if that guy is performing any form of emunction… that is, if that guy is calling people into the restaurant while he removes obstructions from or cleans any of his bodily passages (such as picking his nose).

Nobody has ever accused me of being a fashimite… that is, of being a slave to fashion.

I enjoy being gambrinous… that is, being full of beer.

I enjoy walking. However, I hate it when the folks in front of me are haingling… that is, I hate when the people walking in front of me amble along in a feeble and listless manner.

You know, I almost never go to see a doctor when I’m sick… I am such an iatrophobic… that is, I have a real fear of going to the doctor.

Sometimes when I’m at the market looking for a nice fish, I ask the jowter (a person who sells fish) to suggest a good one.

I admit it. Sometimes I am guilty of klebenleiben… that is, sometimes I am reluctant to stop talking about a certain subject.

But, I’m not ashamed to admit to being a labeorphilist… that is, I am a collector of [full] beer bottles.

Here in Taiwan, with so many mothers working full time, there sure are lots of little mammothrepts (children raised and spoiled by their grandmothers) running around.

Some folks are critical of President Chen and his DPP administration and complain that Taiwan’s current government is being run as a neocracy… that is, that Taiwan is being ruled by inexperienced people.

Many foreign people in Taiwan seem to suffer from ophthalmophobia, which is the fear that one is being stared at.

Many scooters sold in Taiwan have a pillion… that is, a second seat.

Since becoming a quadragenerian, i.e., a person who is 40 years old, or between 40 and 50, I’ve noticed a marked change in my physiology.

Some folks are such rectalgias… I mean, they are real pains in the ass!

Some of these folks who criticize every single policy or act by President Bush are real smellfunguses… They find faults with everything!

Guys, whatever you do, don’t marry a termagant… she’ll be a violent and brawling woman.

There are quite a few ultracrepidarians here posting opinions in subjects they know nothing about.

I quite appreciate the vesthibitionism that occurs with all these low cut jeans popular among young women here… who wouldn’t enjoy the flirtatious display of undergarments by a woman?

The wegotism exhibited by many newspaper editorials is annoying. What is it with the excessive use of ‘we’ by some editorialists?

Well, its no wonder some of you get so many stares. I stare too whenever I see a xanthochroid here. There just aren’t all that many blond haired and blue eyed persons with fair white skin walking around Taiwan.

There are so many pretty women here. I’m glad they don’t wear those yashmaks, i.e., those veils worn by some Muslim women when in public.

One of these days I’m going to order some ale from that zythepsary (brewery) that distributes its ales in growlers.

Put down the dictionary and back away from the computer…

Its these little exercizes that will prevent Alzheimer’s disease from hitting me. :slight_smile:

Tigerman is a spermologist.

(I like words that sound rude but aren’t)

I’ve always liked floccinaucinihilipilification.


Wow!.. I thought I knew funny words. Keep them coming guys as long as more than one person knows about them.