Pulled over on my scooter today

I was pulled over for going down a street for cars only, thank you google maps, and I didn’t give the cop my license, but I gave him my aprc. He took some pics of my ID and then told me don’t go down this street. No paper, no mention of a ticket. What are the chances I’ll be receiving a ticket in the mail?

75% chance or higher you’ll get a ticket in the mail.
hopefully you have a legal scooter license, as the fine will be less as a legal rider.

I have a license. If I do get a ticket, can I just pay it at 7-11?

Yes, and I doubt you’ll receive anything tbh.

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If you were going to get a ticket he would have given you a form to sign and a copy, I believe it is red color.

Source : pulled over many times in many years and never given a ticket.
A friend of mine always gets a ticket so he must not be as charismatic. Or pathetic looking. Take your pick


My charisma is finally paying off. Thanks Dan!


Why blame “maps” here. Take some personal responsibility. If you don’t know the laws, that’s your problem, nobody else’s.

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Why resurrect a thread from 2 years ago to rant at some one?