Pump Octane levels

Anyone know what Taiwan 92,95 and 98 octane translate into in American octane? I heard that Australian 95 octane is closer to American 87 octane…so I’m guessing it’s probably something similiar with Taiwan, considering that in America there octane selection (in general) is 87, 89, 91. Seems hard to believe their highest is lower than our lowest.

Here’s a link for you :smiley:

Pretty interesting…what’s this PSI boost that they are refering to in section 10-2?

In summary: Taiwan and most countries outside of the USA use the RON octane number (Indication of Low engine speed anti-knock performance) and the USA uses (RON+MON)/2 octane number, or an average of the RON plus MON (Indication of High engine speed anti-knock performance). It works out to a 98 rating in Taiwan equal to about a 94 octane level in the USA.