I called RT Mart last week to see if they had large pumpkins. They said yes, and they’ll be put out on the 18th. I went in today and they were PLASTIC! :fume: :fume: :fume:
None at the local Wellcome or Mastushi-somethingoranother
Anyone got the lowdown on where I can find some decent sized ones for making Jack-o-lanterns? Preferably larger than a basketball.


You in Xindian? Traditional markets, like in Gienguo or under teh Bitan Bridge or Tapinglin, maybe even Jinemi. I’ve seen some pretty big ones, also the traditional “stripped” ones -that look like mandarin slices, you know?


i have never seen a real jack-o-lantern in Taiwan yet :frowning: The mini pumpkins, yes. and the Chinese word for pumpkin everyone uses for winter squash (and some other varieties), not we we know in north america as pumpkins.

You can grow your own here easily. I brought back some seeds one time and grew them out. Its almost impossible to time them properly for halloween, at least in the south, because its WAY too wet in summer to grow them unless you have a greenhouse.


Just bought a pretty good one at Welcome in Tien Mou. They are not gigantic, but they are a good size for jack-o-lanterns (larger than a human head). NT$399 each


Tian mu huh? I guess I’ll head up this weekend. Thanks.


They have them at the Wellcome by the bus circle in Tian Mou (Public Library Building). 3 different sizes/prices. Some huge ones…


Hmmm … interesting … I’ve got a largeish rise on my plot that’s pretty much guaranteed not to get waterlogged even in monsoon season.

So … for those of you who found some … how much are these pumpkins retailing for, then? :wink:


On the topic of season decorations:

I value the handmade ones, but here I got one that lights up:

And this for extra effect at the cubicle entrance:

Happy Halloween! :smiley:


They will set you back approx NT$399 to NT$799

I am waiting for them to go on sale… Few days prior to Halloween…


WTF. Next season, oi be growin’ pumpkins as well as mangelwurzels.

Now I just need to find out how many foreigners there are in Taiwan who might be easily parted from their cash in exchange for a large amusingly-shaped vegetable.


The one by the corner of Tienmu W. Road too.


True, Shida’s Wellcome also has them huge things, but 700nts or more for a pumpkin?! Are they nuts?!


I didn’t see any 700NT ones. I picked up 4 pretty good sized ones for 339 each. Much larger than a basketball. Kinda pricey, but not outrageously so.


The one by the corner of Tianmu W. Road too.[/quote]

I saw some really big ones in there tonight. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen pumpkins so big and so orange anywhere.


not sure where you’re at kaikai34, but i saw dem pumpkins today at wellcome zhongxiao dunhua.


The 700nt ones were like two basketballs combined. Horrible if you ask me.

I’ll keep the plastic ones -50nts- and my lighted one -70nts- for the time being. The real stuff will have to go into a pie. :laughing:


I went to the shitty ones across the street from NTU and in Yong He.

Here are the ones I carved this year.


Where is this “Jasons”? Welcome supermarket in my neighborhood sells them for NT 429, which is hard to justify for something that’s going to rot in a week or two.


It’s the high-end supermarket in B1 of the 101 building.


Buggrit. I forgot to plant pumpkins this year.