Punched steel online

Anyone know where online.e will sell smaller cuts of punched stainless? I need very little and doesnt justify an entire sheet. I can cut at home so it doesnt have to be a custom thing, anything small.works. in the 10~80 cm range.

Only important aspects are hole size and being stainless as it will be in a moist environment.


Cheers if anyone knows any sellers here :slight_smile:

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no idea what they got in pingtung but there are many such shops in Taipei.

I tried looking online but not finding a whole lot. There are shops selling mesh and stuff… they will have what you are looking for. Unfortunately these shops still does everything by fax…


ya, that’s the issue. easier in big cities, but often times I am in cities it is not during regular machinery shop hours or i am in a rush.

Basically the same as the drains you linked, thanks, but I need larger sizes that I can cut to fit. I probably need about 50x100cm in total.

Have you checked Shopee? They seem to have some stuff, like this one for example:




any chance you could write the mandarin for punched steel here. bit beyond my language skills :smiling_face:

You’re better off asking TL. :sweat_smile:

I just Google translated it and got 沖孔鋼, which gave results similar to what you posted, but that might not be the best search term.

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Wow, I love that keyword. Lots of uses for mesh stuff.

This seems good too: 穿孔板




Try. 沖孔網

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Yea I tried searching 洞洞板 and was not getting a whole lot. This is always a major issue with finding stuff, is that the common name for items in Chinese is often not what google translate says it is, or what you think it is. Sometimes it helps to see the item in taobao and use that term.

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excellent. thanks guys. this has gotten me.further than a retarded me and an uninterested wife. by leaps and bounds!


this made me incredibly happy tonight: