Punctures - Help

I have had 3 punctures in 10 days and I am in need of some solutions or at least education…
Bought the road bike 8 weeks ago, riding it 1 hour eery day - no problems but in the last 2 weeks 3 punctures. I am careful not to cycle in the crap at the side of the road. Why so many puctures - is it a fact of cycling in the city?
I know that the outer tyres the manufacturer sells with the bike are low end - do the ‘armored’ tyres offer good resistance against puctures? I had some armadilo in the UK and they seemed OK but they are not cheap!
Any answers / suggestions welcome.

I’ll hazard a guess, that you are not keeping your tyres inflated to a high enough pressure.

Road bike tyres suffer easily from pinch flats When under inflated, road bike tyres suffer easily from pinch flats as well as seeming to pick up more slivers of sharp stuff which works its way through to the tube.

My suggestion is that you but a standing floor pump with a pressure gauge so that you can easily maintain your tyres at their best pressure.

Apart from proper inflation (which for 25 mm road bike tires is around 80 - 110 psi), the quality of the tire has a lot to do with puncture resistance.

Good tires have kevlar or similar anti-puncture belts, and also usually a high thread count in the cotton or nylon plies of the rest of the carcass of the tire. The lower the thread count, the easier it is for a spike of something hard to push between the threads, as the whole carcass is looser.

how much is your time worth? if a good tire saves you from four or five punctures, that’s several hour sof your time, depending on how fast you can repair a flat.

Continental Gatorskins are a good choice for puncture protection and long life. Also consider specialist touring tires if you’re not concerned about wheel weight: they’re built like tanks to resist punctures.

If you is riding in the recent rains be aware that’ll raise the risk of punctures. I also punctured three times in recent weeks. I guess the rain washes grit and stuff over the road, plus you can’t see it in the puddles to avoid it.

Do you have 23mm tyres? Ever since I changed over to 25mm, my puncture frequency has dropped dramatically.

All good replies thnx, I’ll look into tyres further - I look at the anyroad’s knobbly tyre now with more respect!