Punish first - fix problem later

Looking at events over the last year or so, there seems to be an overwhelming urge among Taiwan politicians and senior government officials to punish people who may or may not have been able to control the situation - as the first thing to be pursued - and then try to figure out how to fix the problem.

Or is this just the Taiwan journalistic style?

SARS would be a prime example. They were certainly sanctioning people faster than they were dealing with the problem, if the newspapers are to be believed. I may be somewhere where you cannot read Chinese language Taiwan newspapers - but so far the English ones have no problems.

It sort of overlooks the possibility that the politicians and senior government officials could be a major part of the initial problem.

This recent issue would be another prime example.

taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/ … 2003075523

Does any of this really surprise you though?

In Taiwan, name and shame is the game.

Plus, that also “fixes” the problem, in their eyes at least. Hence, no further action need be taken until the same thing happens again, at which point the next-in-line gets named and shamed – problem solved again. It really is the most efficient method.

…and don’t forget to wag that finger. Hell, that annoys me here.

if you wag your finger hard enough i’ll cry in front of the cameras and/or check myself into the hospital due to the stress of the situation.

feel bad for me yet? good. now let us both go back to doing what we were doing four days ago.

then my party can expell me, but not before i resign. in six months i’ll be brought back in an administrative position.

i love the formula of it all.