Puppy dealer found guilty of cruelty - UPDATE


I hope this guy gets the six months he is facing.

He has already been fined and spent 3 months in prison for previous animal-related crimes.

This time he left 9 puppies in a roasting hot car for (what would have been) 8 hours. Luckily a traffic warden saw them and called the police.

Bloody feckin’ &*%$er!!!

I think they should shackle him hand and foot, lock him in a parked van in June, and check back on him in October.

If you see animal cruelty in Taipei PLEASE call this number (02) 8789 7131 or call The Animal Protection Association of The ROC (APAROC) 2931 8464

Obviously from the report he couldn’t give a **** about animals. Convicted more than once for the same sort of thing. I hope everyone involved takes a good look at his past.

Why not leave him in a nice hot little cell in the sun for the 6 months… Maybe he will appreciate the situation a little more.


I thought this was happening in Taiwan and got all excited. Bunch of teasers!

Forty-nine puppies previously?! They could only have been bound for pet shops. This is what people support when they purchase pups from these places.

I agree that punishments should suit the crime, especially in this case.

Thank deities the parking attendant spotted them. :bravo:

Well, here’s the latest update.
The guy was found guitly and ordered to pay costs of