Puppy immunizations

We recently got a puppy (a few months ago) and she is going through her initial immunization schedule. Problem is the vet says we cannot take our puppy outside for a few months until she finishes her immunizations. She is getting older now, coming to almost 4 months and we still have a few weeks to go until the vet says we can take her outside on walks. Is this normal? Our puppy is surely getting bored of being inside all the time (although she may not really know the difference yet). It just pains me to have to sit and wait for this.

A few months? Thats a bit extreme. They may be just terrified over the whole rabies crap.

When I got my pup in America, they told me like 3 weeks. It was for him to develop an immunity to parvo actually. But I don’t think its that huge a deal. Just maybe dont let the pup play with other dogs you dont know.

Right, a few months!! It does seem extreme to me. It’s driving me and my dog crazy. But apparently parvo and distemper are pretty rampant here, so I’ve been told. I’d like to take her out to somewhere where it might be safe from contracting a disease, but I guess I should just assume that the streets in Taipei are all covered with a thin film of parvo and distemper infused dog shit.

Well I dunno, but I’d wait. Better careful than sorry. Try to play at home, maybe at balcony. Use the leash early so she’s got used to it first. Some pup to pup interaction if possible (visit puppy friends?)