Puppy swallows large knife

This article (from CNN.com) was too bizarre to keep to myself…

Puppy swallows 13-inch knife

Monday, September 26, 2005; Posted: 7:54 p.m. EDT (23:54 GMT)

PLANTATION, Florida (AP) – The veterinarian thought the X-ray was a joke.

Jon-Paul Carew has seen strange items get into the stomachs of dogs before, things like kebab skewers and small utensils. But a 13-inch serrated knife in a 6-month-old puppy?

That was a new one.

“I was just flabbergasted,” said Carew, of Imperial Point Animal Hospital in Fort Lauderdale.

The knife was removed this week from Elsie, a Saint Bernard puppy. The dog’s owner, Jane Scarola, wrapped it in a towel and put it in a cabinet atop the refrigerator.

“I’m going to frame it and give it to Dr. Carew,” Scarola said. “He should hang it. Everybody should know what puppies are capable of putting down their throats.”

She thinks one of her six other dogs – four Saint Bernards, a German shepherd and a Labrador – somehow got the knife off a counter and it eventually made its way to Elsie.

“She wants to eat everything and anything,” Scarola said.

:noway: Yikes! :astonished:

When Chocolate, my young male dog, was a two-month-old pup, we gave him a lamb chop to chew on for recreation, as we do for all our dogs.

Unfortunately, we forget to tell him it was to chew on, because, when we returned to his room five minutes later, the seven-inch bone was gone … and little Chocolate had a very pronounced protrusion on either side of his tummy!

It looked horrific, but we checked online and were reassured to learn that we should just make him rest and let nature pass. Sure enough, less than an hour later, the protrusions had disappeared, and Chocolate was looking for more. :unamused:

But a thirteen-inch kitchen knife? :s

Yikes!! We just the video on CNN. It was a carving knife… a serrated blade with a split tip. Amazing it didn’t slice the poor things insides. I thought my Bella was bad… She is attracted to eating metal objects it seems… The worst was when she took a package of surgical blades out of a basket in the bathroom (didn’t take anything else) and she chewed them up. :loco: I discovered the pieces on her bed and pieced them back together to discover that many had chunks I couldn’t account for! Also, she also ate so much food once that she had to have emergency surgery :astonished: If it were a child, I’d be reported to social services…