Purchasing a gas barbeque?

Does anyone have advice on where to purchase a gas BBQ in Taipei? I have seen some threads about this but I’m looking for some current info. I’ll be moving to Taiwan this summer and would purchase one from the US and ship over if they are not available in Taiwan.

There are a few UNRV brick and mortar stores around with Webber Grills. I didn’t look at what they run on though.

One thing to be cautious of importing a grill from the US is the gas. You won’t find the 1lb Coleman disposable bottles or the adapter/fitting to convert to the standard POL propane tanks. Propane tanks are around but I couldn’t tell you where to get them from. I’m currently hunting for a place to get a tank and fill it… everyone says they’re everywhere… but no one can tell me where. I just imported a camp stove that runs of propane but haven’t managed to find the gas yet.

Camping shops like http://100mountain.com/shop, http://www.easy-outdoor.com.tw/ or http://camp168.com/ they have a selection of camping stoves more at their brick and mortar stores. Every now and then they show up at Costco.

Majority of the “BBQ’s” found here run on coal or lightweight butane/iso-butane/propane mixed canisters… more camping stoves than bbq’s.

As above, Costco!

Great, thanks for the info. Taiwan it is!

@sanichowski, @M_Ando, (repost from elsewhere)
I just went to the Outdoor Show at the WTC in Taipei and I found a supplier. They don’t have a physical store but have an online store only. They sell a few Camp Chef products and import propane (or adapters for use on the butane/propane combos that are available at every camping store.)
They sell the BernzOmatic branded propane. (1lb/16oz/453g) NTD$400 each. I bought 6 because I could.

It’s not listed on their site but they told me you need to ask for it specifically. at the stall they had a stack load of them. I’m not sure about shipping prices.

Check them out. www.prokan.com.tw.

If you’re in Taipei and around Taipei WTC Hall 1 from 14-17 October 2016 go to booth D430.

Thank you. I was able to
successfully buy some 16oz US Size propane from Prokan. It is now Feb 2019. This forumosa is great. Otherwise I would have had to throw away the NexGrill I lugged back from Home Depot in California.