Purchasing Advice for Grand Livina 2012, 7-seater

Hello there. A friend of the family is looking to get rid of their seldom-used car (55,000km on the odometer) for the trade-in price of 320,000NT. We have a chance to get it, but have to decide quickly since the insurance is running out and they want to trade in soon before that happens. The car has never been in an accident, has been tuned and oiled and checked up regularly, and is the body isn’t significantly scratched or damaged (based on pictures). I have yet to see it or drive it (which I will try to do tomorrow and will update once I do), so I don’t know the details on the interior. It comes from people we know and trust which is the big selling point next to the fact that the price includes no middleman. My initial research online seems to suggest that it’s a reliable choice which should retain value. While my father was a mechanic, I am far from being a car-savvy individual. So…

My questions (answer as many as you can/like) are as follows: 1). Are there any known issues with this car in general and/or in Taiwan. 2). How does it rate for safety/child safety? We are expecting our second child soon, so that is a key question. 3). When would be the optimal time to re-sell such a car in terms of mileage/whatever? 4). Can you direct me to any sites that could help us make this decision? English preferred, Chinese doable. 5). Any other useful information about this car is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

These guys can probably help you:
The owner @sulavaca used to be active on this forum, but I haven’t seen him here lately.
They provide good service and should be able to answer all your questions.