Pure breed brown Husky looking for a loving home!

Yes, there are a lot of abandoned huskies in Taiwan - because they are totally unsuited to the climate and the lifestyle. Huskies are working dogs bred to withstand the cold, not tiny lapdogs who might be comfortable in a tiny apartment. Taiwanese should research the breed they are thinking of buying to see if it is at all appropriate - not just choose a stylish-looking dog on the spur of the moment.

It’s all because of that movie that came out with Huskies…before that it was Labradors thanks to the Labrador movie. People here tend to NOT think ahead (when it comes to education, driving, and animals)

I think a new Hollywood movie about adopting stray dogs is overdue then… :smiley:

i really want to point out that this is not just a “Taiwanese” thing. People in the UK, USA, Australia and many other so called civilized countries do the same thing.

People in general should think more carefully before getting an animal of any sort.

People should not only think about the breed of the animal and whether it is suitable to the place in which they live but also they should think about whether they are suitable people to have animals.
Do they have the time, money, patience, and space to look after these animals?

…for 10~15 years.

Especially, parents should ask themselves “Am I willing to care for my kids’ pets once they decide to turn their attention to other things in life?”

If the answer is NO, then they better buy their kids Wii or something…

UPDATE ON WALK: Walk came to the U.S. with me after I visited Taiwan for my son’s wedding in Oct. I had posted Walk on Craig’s List and found a nice couple who live north of Boston, Ma and own a vacation home in the White Mts. of New Hampshire. I did a home visit, reference checks and spoke with their Vet (they own an American Bulldog and 3 cats). The couple also signed a contract with the usual requirements. Walk met his new owners at Logan Airport on Oct. 23 and has done a great job adjusting to his new home. He even was planning to go to the mountains last weekend and there is SNOW on the ground!!! Here’s a pic of Walk with his new owners at Logan Airport in Boston: flickr.com/photos/9711714@N05/2072085403/

Awh, that is just fantastic! At long last there’s a great solution for Walk. Thank you Minou! Thank you dogscatsrules! Congrats Walk!