Purebred Husky Looking for a Best Friend/Owner

My GF and I rescued this beautiful dog off the street and paid for his vet checkup and medications but can’t keep him for reasons out of our control. We named him Tuktuk, he is a such great dog and derseves an equally great permanent home.

Tuktuk has had a hard life so far. Why he was abandoned is a mystery, as he is so sweet and friendly. He is a very smart, eager to please, and a quick learner. Tuktuk just wants to go to a home where he can learn to love and trust again, so he can forget those that left him. In return he’ll give you his loyalty and this goofy dog will certainly make you laugh.

He is housebroken, doesn’t bark, and we are crate training him now (he wimpers a little but improves everyday). He doesn’t pull when walking, is well behaved with other dogs, and loves to play. We have been taking him out to play every night with a group of huskys in an off leash park.

P.S. His silly haircut is from a visit to the vet where they shaved him to remove ticks from months of neglect.

Breed: Husky (Red and White with Blue Eyes)
Location: Kaohsuing City (willing to transport to the right home)
Age: ~1.5 years
Sex: Male
Weight: 22kg currently - will fill out to 30-40kg after proper nutrition.
Altered: Yes Neutered

If you have any questions ask away. Look foward to hearing from you.