Purebreds Available from Animals Taiwan

Hi, all.

I’ll get pics and more info up as soon as I can, but just for now, I want to let you know that we have the following purebreds available for adoption:

Pi Pi the Shar Pei

Sheila the Shih Tzu

Bedivere the Old English Sheepdog

If you’re interested in knowing more, please email brandy@animalstaiwan.org

The Shih Tzu is already on a tryout, but we do also have Xiao Lu, a handsome, friendly, quiet, beagle. He lost half his front right foot to a gin trap, so he has a pronounced limp, but it doesn’t slow him down. :sunglasses:

Still waiting for a Doberman :smiley:

A Rottweiler or Pit will do as well

Not for macho sake but I think that any of these dogs will really compliment mine

He needs a companion who is an alpha leader…Preferably a puppy

We have a stocky, medium-sized 3-year-old male who will happily be alpha to yours if you’re not up to it. He’s only got three legs, if that doesn’t bother you.

One of my neighbors has a big tugou tripod. He’s so beautiful, his black fur so shiny, it is almost glowing, bright eyes, big head, squre shoulders, so healthy… and alpha at the park. Aki and Nikko, the local Akita bullies, stay right clear, waay clear when he comes in. His mama makes him wear booties in the rain, but otherwise, not a weak hair in that fellow. He is not aggressive, but being a tripod does not steals any shiny from his personality.

[quote=“Icon”] His mama makes him wear booties in the rain, but otherwise, not a weak hair in that fellow.[/quote] :roflmao:
I have a tugou from Animals Taiwan, and she is fantastic. She is also an amputee, and it sure doesn’t slow her down. She gets a lot of surprised looks and and attention when she sprints about in the park. She loves the attention. :rainbow:

I am the alpha. He’s really well trained. (Except for his fear of fireworks which I am having trouble with)

I really want to adopt any of the following purebread puppies if one ever becomes available: Pitt Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, or a Doberman.

I’ve always wanted one of these dogs but would NEVER buy one here or anywhere else for that matter.

I’ll keep an eye out for you - I don’t mind checking at the dog pound for you, as there are always a lot of purebreds there. Can you PM me your phone number and I’ll contact you if I see anything you’re looking for. Let’s save a life! :wink:

Back to the original topic:

The shih tzu is ADOPTED! :discodance:

The shar pei is on a tryout and looking GOOD! :discodance:

Pics of the Old English coming soon, but here’s one of the lovely, quiet, three-footed beagle, Xiao Lu:

My friend is looking for a Miniature Schnauser. I am trying to talk him out of buying one.

If anyone sees or knows of one that needs a home (actually his friend also wants one so 2 would be great) could you let me know. He will only take a puppy.

Thanks in advance.

And I also still want either a pit bull, doberman, or especially a rottweiler puppy :slight_smile: