Push Email: Some Questions, please help

I think I desparately need push email. I constantly check email with my phone (Sony Ericcson P990i) and also with my laptop and desktop PC. I want all of my emails to be synchronized. There are some emails on my laptop that are not on my desktop. I want to be able to check and read and/or delete mail with my phone or notebook PC and it automatically is mirroed on my desktop PC mailbox so that I don’t have to do it twice. I want to be able to access all of my mail with my notebook or desktop. Maybe it is not necessary for my phone to have full access only reading current unread emails. Does this mean I need push? I know I can leave a copy on server when downloading to my notebook or phone, but that still kind of makes a mess, e.g., SPAM is downloaded three times. I know I can stop SPAM at the server level but I prefer not too.

Anyway, my question is which service? Microsoft Exchange Server, Blackberry server? I don’t want to create a server for this, I also don’t want to leave my desktop on 24/7 to act as a server. I already have a webserver in the USA for some sites, can I just load software to that? I want something easy to setup or I may never get around to perfecting it. Are their total package solutions? By the way, I use Microsoft OS and Office on my laptop and desktop and my phone has the latest Symbian OS.

use an imap instead of the pop server… and a propper spam filter of course

I will check that out. Thanks for the tip.

Apple’s iPhone will offer free Yahoo pushed mail. Not sure how it’ll work in Taiwan or China.

sure will work with GSM and WLAN, but I think EDGE is only used in US and maybe Irak

gmail …

I would love it if GMAIL would allow me to check other domain address through them. They do not allow checking for example of my corporate mail through their servers.