Put Bush and Cheney on trial with England

Since Bush and Cheney are responsible for this whole Iraq mess, they should both be made to testify during the England trial. These guys have the blood of many people on their hands but they are both the ultimate buck passers.
England should be punished for her wrong doing but nobody with a lick of common sense can really believe that she acted on her own without orders from those above her.
If England is a criminal so are Bush and Cheney.

Hey Cableguy, perhaps we should put you on trial too. After all, as an American voter, you’re Bush’s boss – clearly you must have personally approved and ordered her actions.


If I was Bush’s boss, his ass would have been out on the street long ago. As a voter, my power over a candidate stops the moment he/she takes office. Bush, based on his actions concerning Iraq, seems to answer to nobody at all.

oregonlive.com/news/oregonia … 302080.xml

As fast as the Iraqis could get sovereignty, they started right into beating the prisoners … like Saddam’s men would have in the old days. The U.S. troops who witnessed it were ordered away from the abuse sites.

Looks like after Abu Ghraib, the U.S. is just going to outsource all its torturing of prisoners to Iraqi locals.

Shoot them all.

BroonAle: Are you suggesting that we shoot all the prisoners or suggesting that we shoot those accountable for abusing the prisoners?