Putting a Lid on SPAM

It’s time to put a lid on spam and liberate our e-mail in-boxes
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This author claims that in two or three years time, we will see a significant decrease in SPAM email.

The article was written in late June 2003.

Comments anyone? Is there less SPAM today than there was before? What strides are being made in relieving us from this menace???

I use gmail as my main account now instead of seednet. My spam is down by 90%

I own a domain which I also use for email.

I get lots and lots. The server spam bot tags most of them for me which is easy to fliter out, but it’s the the “undelivered” emails I get from assholes using my domain to spoof the return address that really annoys me. There isn’t much I can do about that.

Occasionly I miss and important email becasue it gets caught as spam, and that REALLY annoys me.

Once when travelling in Vietnam a couple of years ago, we went into a restaurant, and one of their claims to fame was “free internet” while you dine. So after we were done, I went to check my webmail. The guy ushered me to the internet cafe area and sat me down. He explained that I wasn’t to close any other applications that were running on the machine. So I start surfing, well tried to, but after 2 mins to open a page I thought I’d see what these apps were. There were thousands and thousands of emails going out on that machine. I looked around the room, all the other PCs were doing the same thing.
I won’t tell you what I did about it.

My Thunderbird mail client catches 90% of the spam that I get and bins it. I rely on this rather than enabling the spam filter on the server, because every now and then I like to take a scan through the junk mail receptacle to make sure nothing important slipped through.

Oh come on, we want to know!

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