Putting Bikes on Trains in Taiwan: How To Get Around By Rail


Does anyone know if it’s possible to store your bicycle at the train baggage area (where you go to ship your bicycle) for around 2-3 days? If not, does anyone know of a place where I can store a bicycle for 2-3 days?


If you ship a bicycle by train, certainly it will stay at that baggage area of that station for a time without any problem. There is no set rule to pick it up within, say, 1 week. 2-3 days is fine.


What if I just want to store it without shipping it, could I still use the baggage area?


I don’t know what the official policy is, but I think this is dependent upon the helpfulness/willingness of the watch person(s) and your own power of persuasion and/or charm.
I wanted to leave my bike at the station in Yilan while I hunted for a shower and something to eat, but it didn’t seem to be happening. I just said XieXie a million times and walked away, but the guy wasn’t happy about it.


Try playing the foreigner card and act like you don’t know you can keep your bike there for more time than you actually can.