Putting Bikes on Trains in Taiwan: How To Get Around By Rail

Does anyone know if it’s possible to store your bicycle at the train baggage area (where you go to ship your bicycle) for around 2-3 days? If not, does anyone know of a place where I can store a bicycle for 2-3 days?

If you ship a bicycle by train, certainly it will stay at that baggage area of that station for a time without any problem. There is no set rule to pick it up within, say, 1 week. 2-3 days is fine.

What if I just want to store it without shipping it, could I still use the baggage area?

I don’t know what the official policy is, but I think this is dependent upon the helpfulness/willingness of the watch person(s) and your own power of persuasion and/or charm.
I wanted to leave my bike at the station in Yilan while I hunted for a shower and something to eat, but it didn’t seem to be happening. I just said XieXie a million times and walked away, but the guy wasn’t happy about it.

Try playing the foreigner card and act like you don’t know you can keep your bike there for more time than you actually can.

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So, looks like you cannot forward your bikes/scooters and pick them up at the end station.
I’m guessing you still could get away with the bike packaged up (like in fold-up bike bags) and taken with you on same train.

For those wanting to freight-forward their bike/scooter, just go to any Sanyang, etc. scooter repair shop and ask if they do it, or the nearest shop that does.
I’ve sent bikes and scooters up/down both sides of the island, no problem.
The shop that takes your bike/scoter will search for the closest partner shop for where you want to pick it up.


Took the Puyuma from Chishang to Taipei today with my bike. It’s still a big mess. You have to pack your bike, but that’s OK. You can get in car #1 or #8 which have a bike sign on the door but there’s nowhere to put a bike. You have to squeeze it behind a seat or put it in an open area which are reserved for elderly people and wheelchairs.

Doesn’t make much sense to me.

If they want to promote biking and low pollution transportation they’ll have to improve that.

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There’s no oversized luggage compartment?

Not as far as I know. There are some luggage racks but too small for a bike.

Sorry for the spam, here’s a link with some explanation : https://www.cycling-update.info/cycling-travel/taiwan-ride/1260-go

It seems that if you remove 2 wheels the bike will fit in the luggage rack.

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Yeah, last time I took the express train, there was a luggage compartment area like the one in your article

Most of the time, conductor won’t let you onto an express train without a bagged bike. So, a lot of cyclists choose taking the local train where you pay for half of the ticket price for your bike, which I find quite reasonable and convenient.

  1. The Administration has 72, 6073, 616, 706 (6706), 701 Chu-Kuang Express with passenger & bicycle compartment. A person seat and a bicycle rack are provided in the compartment.
  1. 72, 73 shift provided 45 people plus 45 bicycles; 616 shift provided 30 people 30 bicycles, the group booking of Taiwan Railway and high-speed rail is available.
  1. 706 (6706), 701 shift provided 15 people 15 bicycles, the group booking of Taiwan Railway and high-speed rail is not available.

Still mostly gibberish. Presume ‘shift’ = train numbers.


72 is Chu-Kuang Express72 05:34 Shulin 到 12:03 Taitung
It’s a Sat only service (because cyclists don’t travel on any other day of the week)

6073, 616 - trains don’t seem to exist

706 Chu-Kuang Express706 13:42 Taitung 到 17:14 Xinzuoying
Sunday only. No sign of bike symbol against this train, online.

6706 - no idea.

701 Chu-Kuang Express701 06:26 Xinzuoying 到 10:20 Taitung
Sat only. This does have a bike symbol.

73 is Chu-Kuang Express73 16:20 Taitung 到 22:25 Shulin
Sun only, heading back north.
Not listed in note 1 above, but prob should be as it seems to be the return of the 72 (72 south on Sat, 73 north).


Premier Su is pushing for Taiwan trains and buses around Taiwan to provide more and better access for bikes in preparation for more bike tourism after covid.

Current situation with trains is actually pretty good. If you are following the rules for trains, it’s quite simple on the express trains, without bike compartment. Local trains is even easier as you get on without having to bag them.

As for buses

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that’s great. I’ve see bike racks attached to the front of buses in other major cities. definitely could be done here too.

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I hate to ask again as I’ve seen this has been discussed many times on Forumosa but most threads on it are super old. I’m interested in doing this route one-way to Yilan station. Which trains can you take without having to bag it? I know TRA lists “bike-friendly trains” but that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have to bag it. I just don’t want to carry a bike bag with me.


All local trains can be boarded with no bag needed. You just pay a half ticket for your bike.

The bike friendly trains have compartments with bike racks, I believe it’s the same price, but those tickets may be booked in advance by others, so you may end up not having a spot!

You also have the option of taking the bus without a bike bag, as long as you don’t mind having your bike in the lower conparment.

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