Putting Bikes on Trains in Taiwan: How To Get Around By Rail

Very frustrating that you can only take bike on train between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays which means you can’t get an early start or late ending.

Especially frustrating if you’re trying to take the MRT to the train and then depart to another destination or arriving late at night.

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There’s an easy solution to that.

Just ride there.

Should be much easier to carry?

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Cyclsts will get less crap from passengers for blocking seats. Hopefully they will get more of these!

I was watching a Youtube video of Rides of Japan where he was talking about a bike bag to take your bike on trains. So I went to their website to check it out. Beware, I almost had a stroke when I saw the price: https://www.fairmean.com/

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That price is pretty ridiculous, but that is something I would seriously consider if I was taking train or hsr often after rides.

Most bike bags you see are almost twice the size, weight and definitely do not fit into your jersey pocket.

I’m waiting for the Chinese-made white label version to come out

But it’s hand made.
In Paris.


Took my bike on train between 2 cities mid-Taiwan recently weekday afternoon.

Told window I had a bike and wanted to hop on next available train, he sold me 2 tickets, one for me and a cheaper bike ticket.

Told me to walk bike through normal gate and go to front of train car 1. Car 1 had designated bike holders, that partially block the aisle by the way, so I hooked bike to a handrail in the large open area. Train conductors seemed ok with it.

Walked bike out through normal gate and through train station, using elevator between floors.

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Anyone know if these, Songshan and Nangang, are still the only Taipei area train stations that allow non-bagged bikes?

Wanhua too, maybe.

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Yup, Wanhua for certain.

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