Putting my wife on my national health insurance card

Accoding to the NHI site here, I can put my wife on my NHI card as a dependent.

What they omit to inform you is how to go through this process. Where do I go, which forms do I fill out, what do I need?

Does anyone know? Thanks.

Bump. This is a good topic, deserving of an answer for future reference. Anybody?

Also, now that we’re married, we’re not sure how (or whether) to switch my wife’s insurance over. Formerly her parents applied for hers, as their dependent. Now she’s my dependent, at least until her uni is over and she gets a job; however, I’m listed under her name on the household registry, so SHE’s the head of household, formally. What does this imply for health insurance, if anything? :help: Thanks!

Can my Taiwanese wife list me as a dependent? Can it go that way too?

If so, how is that done?

Dragonbones, your situation is the opposite one of mine, being that the furriner is the dependent one, but you could try.

My wife pays 700 per month per person for our household. So with our son, it is 2100 NT.
Actually, the wife says that your employer is on the hook for both of you, but if its a bushiban I wouldn’t hold my breath. :unamused:

She says just go to the county government office with marriage cert. and household registration should do it.
Also, you might want to bring her existing card (with her parents as sponsors), as they might want to make you pay 5 years back payments.

That’s just it. I’m not paying for time I didn’t use. I’ll go with some private insurance instead if it comes down to it.

So once my insurance kicks in through my employer and I want to bring my wife and 2 teenage daughters over, how do i get insurance for them and what can I expect to pay per month for each of them since we’re all furiners. No, I’m not expecting my employer would pay for them. How much can i expect to pay for myself, or do most employers (schools) pay 100%?

I think I’m paying 1200/mo now, and Dragonbabe’s dad is paying 700 for her. Am I being overcharged, or is this because he’s got 6 people on his tab so he gets a lower rate per capita?

DB, you are being overcharged, the rate should go down with the JFRV. I pay 700 a month, just like the locals.
But you will have to go and apply with your wife.
Also you might ask your employer to add your wife.

It’s my understanding that NHRI payments are based on income: the more you make, the more you pay (though still not much). Since most foreigners make more than their Taiwanese spouses, if you’re on their insurance they would pay for the additional person (you) at a lower rate than if you paid for an additional person on your NHRI account.

That’s what I was told at a previous workplace. But it could be wrong.