Putting the minimum in minimum wage

I’m told that to bring in a foreign worker and get them an ARC, they must be paid a minimum of NT$48,000 a month.
So this would calculate out to NT$576,000/year or about US$18K/year.
My interpretation is that this is not so much to protect the foreigner as to protect the local labor market.
Further, there are only dozen specific job categories for foreigners.

Moving down the spectrum, I’m told that local clerks have no real minimum wage and typically earn NT$80 an hour.
And this is only in Taipei where you have to pay extra I am told. This is about NT$160,000/year or about US$5K a year.

Am I told correctly? Its cheap to live here, but those numbers seem quite low.

That’s right. Salaries are very low here.



Ouch, that hurts. They had the nerve to post that. :unamused:

Perhaps this is the reason Taiwanese are so entrepreneurial.
They have no choice.

The poor sod who takes that counter job that basically owns
most of his waking hours won’t even bring home US$30 a day.
You’ll see me selling roasted yams on the street before
I’d take that suck-dick job. Would make more money, work less
hours, and not have to punch a clock for my “Attendance
bonus” or worry about my “Performance bonus”.

I think its safe to assume there’s no minimum wage here…

Hmm, that cannot be the whole truth though, cause I earn less than 48k, and am a foreigner (with ARC). I’m on a government regulated salary so nothing fishy is going on I’m sure. Maybe the rule you mention is for some specific kind of employers, like foreigners hiring foreigners or something?