Puyuma train derailed in Yilan (21 October 2018)



Talking about the tracks, an expert was actually calling them into question, as in that turn, the tracks must be at a slope, to help prevent…well, like what happened.

Things get curiouser and curiouser.


Not likely. Not impossible, but not likely. Again, people talk about technical issues with the train.

But not impossible:


They would die if they need to hire more people. The government has no money, motto now is one person does the work of 4. Because we have to pay off the 18%.


They usually are and I would be surprised if those weren’t. If you pay attention inside the train you will notice it. Again, it’s like what I said about motorcycles having to lean when taking a curve.

The driver was too fast.

It wouldn’t surprise me if we find out that he was on the stupid phone, swiping the whole fuckin’ East coast on Tinder.


No,no, the game here is Pokemon.


Yeah, because nobody uses Tinder in Taiwan… not even fuckup murderers.


I can’t stand the news media/journalism here because they really go in on the graphic shit sometimes and it’s extremely not okay. One time a few years back there was a bad scooter crash near a tunnel and some poor kid basically watched his two friends die right in front of him, and they just showed footage of him falling to his knees crying and pressing the top of his head to the ground. That was such an intense, private moment of grief and they just broadcasted it on national television. I felt disturbed for months.


As I said the TRA tracks were never meant to be high speed rail tracks

Welding rails and using tilting trains can up the speed but there is a hard limit and that hard limit was exceeded here of which there was no doubt


That was the first thing that occurred to me. High tech faster trains on slow coach rails. (based on no knowledge at all on my part)


TRA tracks were designed 100 years ago when 60kph was like a speeding bullet.

There are tight turns and many many crossings.

All of which present very real dangers the faster you go.

I believe going much over 100kph greatly increases risks on those tracks.

The HSR is a dedicated high speed system made from the ground up to be.

No crossings no tight turns
Different story.


Good lord.
Just read that 8 of the victims were family members.
Imagine celebrating a wedding only to lose 8, count em, 8 family members in one swoop.

<3 <3 <3


Sheer numbers pal. Compared to Pokemon , Tinder is peanuts. Old, young…you are the one narrowing it to murderers.


Another family lost 6.

There were several groups on board. People have lost many family members. Old student groups lost friends from decades.

Even the baseball players may lose their careers to injuries.


Why not go the whole hog and accuse Nazi aliens of taking over the engine room. Really, what is the point of making up random theories? What do you achieve?


CNA is not Apple Daily, it is more shocking. It is the constant debase of press what shocks me. A kid, that is way too low.


Driver is supposedly out of intensive care and will be detained for questioning:. Article here:



Hey, careful… aliens don’t like the N word…


One group of school kids on their first trip abroad. Lost 2 teachers.

Patient in most critical condition is a 6 year old. Deep coma.


This reminds me of the limo crash in upstate NY few weeks ago.


Screw this. Got Taroko tickets to Hualien. Changing them to the slower trains until they get their shit together. 20-30 more minutes. I don’t care. At least I won’t be freaking out every time the train rocks a bit too much or every time we head into a curve.