Puyuma train derailed in Yilan (21 October 2018)



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Because we have to pay off the 18%.
18% of what?


Unfortunately, the update is even more tragic. A group of junior leaguers who just returned from a winning tournament in Korea boarded the train. At least 4 students of Puyuma Junior School died in the accident with many more badly injured. The teacher who did a bunch of fund-raising to pay for the trip also passed away. Wang Yu-fei, already a baseball prospect at 14 years old, also suffered a near fatal injury.


This morning on tv, they were interviewing a kid who survived, kept her cool to call emergency services and help with recovery. They had a parade of the bandaged up kids on tv. They even went to teh school and captured teh moment the principal was telling the kids about the tragedy and how their friends and teachers would be missed.

Almost made a safe return home.



The driver has admitted to turning off the ATP. So I think the prosecutor probably didn’t know what she was talking about. The driver also said the control center never told him to turn the ATP back on.

The driver also claims the speed indicator on the train showed the train was travelling around 80KPH, but the actual speed was over 140KPH.


That train was broken. They were supposed to change trains at Hualien…never made it that far.


The driver should know the difference of 80kph versus 140kph, we are talking a massive difference in speed, even if the speed was showing wrong, they should have been aware that they were not going 80kph.


Like the China Airlines pilots, they are trained to trust their instruments. Not question when the order is given to push on.


This occurrence is indeed a very tragic event

The ROC flag should be half mast for three days and the president should decree all trains will be mandated to be 20kph slower than the limit at all times in all places

Time tables need to be changed the emphasis must now be on safety not speed
Broken trains should be decelerated immediately and proceed to nearest station at reduced speed


Mandating travelling “20kph slower than the limit” will make no difference if the staff blindly trust instruments that are not reading correctly.


Yes the trains have to be working and well maintained of course

This is a banana and the other thing is an orange


As @Brianjones said above, it’s easy to see from the video that the train was going wildly too fast for the turn. Hopefully the driver can explain why he was going so fast.


While it is easy for us to see the train was going too fast from a fixed position, I believe it is much more difficult for those on the train to notice their actual speed without the aid of instruments.

We can sense change in speed (acceleration) well, but are pretty poor judge of actual speed without a reference.


This may be true. Still it’s crazy he turned off the ATPS system and then he couldn’t trust his instruments , on a high speed train carrying hundreds of passengers. There is a reason why he turned it off and we haven’t been told why yet (it was alluded to know the article above…But not very clear).
Also they could have disembarked all the passengers when running without the safety system.


It’s ATP system.



If the electronics on the train were malfunctioning - as it was in this case as many witnesses have stated, they had flickering lights and there was smoke prior to the crash- it sounds quite plausible that the instruments were not giving accurate readings or the display was faulty, giving wrong information. That has happened before in plane crashes.


Who cares


Look up ATPS System on Google, it’s something completely different. I care being given the wrong information.


OK fair enough …If it was another system. Otherwise everybody knows what I mean.


While that may be true to an extent, you would also certainly gain experience of what is happening over time. I’ve never driven a train but I find it hard to believe you couldn’t detect excess speed going into a known curve you’ve probably driven through 100 times


I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it turns out the driver was dicking around on his phone.