Puyuma train derailed in Yilan (21 October 2018)



wouldn’t those people just have been doing what their bosses told (or wanted them) to do? This kind of crap starts at the top.


How often did they disable the ATP system. I bet you it was fairly routine!
Also they should have another driver for trains carrying 400 people at high speed, especially this one which is more complex to operate. Planes always have two pilots.

What are the average working hours and shift times of these drivers ?

How long was this dispatcher working on that shift ? I gather he was suddenly called up and not a routine driver ?

So MUCH negligence.


Driver was demoted for amphetamine use before
Dispatch is the main culptrit in my book…it’s a small book


Jesus, you don’t really want amphetamine users in sole charge of high speed trains (although to be fair he was clean at the time of the accident). TRA literally had no one available to operate the train except for a driver who had been busted for speed but hadn’t been prosecuted because, well, there was a driver shortage.


He wasn’t even a full time driver but a dispatcher.
Drug use should have disqualified him from driving for much longer if not permanently.


He was clean at the time apparently
Dispatch gave the order to speed up and disable the ATF

If that’s the case they are responsible in large part for this crash


Haha, the KMT pops up!


yea… unfortunately that means nothing really, dude probably had a huge golden parachute and will quietly be hired somewhere else on the board. in TW Approved resignation for politicos just means a paid vacation and some extra time to gamble and bang some whores at the local Gangster run KTV :wink:



Oh they have been at it since day 1. th eanphetamine tale came later, which stinks of character assasination. It si actually ketamine, and considering how many people use it for extreme exhausting work conditions, and the fact that he was not given the boot immediately if true, it tells more of what a mess TRA is.


The press seems to be on teh driver´s side. Seems there was an issue with a light he should have seen… on te outside of teh train. The tv news have been pressing on ergarding all te different actions a driver must take while in the cabin, which makes him too busy to be able to readily notice such details.

Driver was tending both telephone and radio messages.


Looking at that transcript they basically had a broken-down train running on that line for a good period of time. A whole heap of people knew it was broken and knew the driver did not have the ability to handle the situation. The obvious SOP is to tell him to drive at low speed to the nearest station and then abandon ship. Instead they tell him to turn off the protective system and put the pedal to the metal. All of those dispatchers and inspectors need to go to prison for a good many years.


Puyuma Express trains are imported from Japan, but the 15-member task force includes no Japanese or international experts, Chiang said, adding that this, compounded by the task force being led by Minister Without Portfolio Wu Tze-cheng (吳澤成), raises questions about the impartiality and factuality of any investigative report.

This is a very serious matter I noticed too. When a plane crashes, people from Boeing or Airbus come here, even experts from foreign agencies.


The passengers knew teh train was broken.
Machanics knew the train was broken.
Dispatch knew the train was broken.
TRA Taipei knew the train was broken.

They were playing it off as nothing because on a Sunday -busiest day- there were not enough people to handle an emergency transfer, so they wante dto continue until Hualien, hope to dump the whole problem on someone else´s lap.


Is it just me or do a lot of Taiwanese disasters have this element of “Do the Wrong Thing Badly”. Pilots turning off the one good engine. Pilots letting co-pilots have a crack at landing in a typhoon.


Seriously. Telling the driver who likes meth to turn off the safety system and drive really fast would qualify


That’s a horrific read. Telling him to stick his head out the window to check some light. Repeatedly asking him if he’s behind schedule. Telling him what he’s reporting about the throttle as not being possible.


Like there is something wrong with their training? Like they apply mechanically what they have learned without questioning whether it suits the current situation? Kinda like that?


No critical thinking allowed. Do what the laoban says!


Even overriding logic and self preservation. Sigh.