Puyuma train derailed in Yilan (21 October 2018)



Seen every day , from the cradle to the grave. Every red light, every bank,every factory, every school. Nobody learns from previous errors. It is a so sad that people die every day in Taiwan, in avoidable ways.


You leave that logic and self preservation to me. Your friendly neighborhood laoban man.


Nobody will stand up to me. I’m the laoban. MUHAHAAHHAAHA. Don’t question authority fellow citizen. Be a good Taiwanese.


Critical thinking people get fired.
That’s why most critical thinking people are bailing taiwan.

I’m not a critical thinker that’s why I’m still here


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As I’m writing this I’m watching this university student employee of the deep-fry shop next door prepare some raaaaaaaannnk and rotten chicken before the laoban gets there. What would happen if he told his boss the chicken shouldn’t be served to the public?

He’s a good employee and even better citizen.


That is a thoughtful , critical thinking , post :slightly_smiling_face:



Now there have been leaks from inside Taiwan railway, and employees pointed out that the ATP speed has always been at least 40KPH off, when compared with the speedometer on the panel. It’s that way on every single train.

The leak also claims that it wasn’t speeding that caused the derailment, as the train wasn’t going at 140 KPH, it was going 100 KPH tops, which is still above the recommended speed at that curve, but shouldn’t have caused a derailment.

The real culprit is the sudden lost of power to the 7th railcar, which caused it to apply breaks independent to other parts of the train, resulting in the derailment.

The leaker also pointed to the photo and video evidence, showing that the 7th railcar was bumped and raised off the tracks immediately before the entire rail lost control.

If that turns out to be true, then there is absolutely no fault to be placed on the conductor. The blame falls directly on the decision makers telling the train to push on when they knew it is suffering from power loss and mechanical issues.


so, would TRA and other govt officials feel comfortable if the plane rides they take only have one pilot?

:pray: for no heart attacks or strokes…


Criticism is not welcome in Taiwan…


Money is so important here. Half the questions/answers on the TW Drivers license test are Money related vs Traffic law related.


But the issue is that there aren’t enough conductors to begin with. So staffing all trains with two people just means the conductors have to do even more overtime.

The conductor on the fateful Puyuma was on a 17 hours shift when it derailed. Imagine how safe your train will be now there will be two super tired drivers instead of just one really tired one.


uhh… you do realize that that indeed was a foreseen problem and hence my point.
it’s called safety regulations, which this area has a wide gaping hole.
hire all those college graduates with no job at NTD 31,000 and watch the demand for these jobs come. govt always has money for this sort of expenditure


This is fucking outrageous and makes me ashamed to be cough Taiwanese.


Agreed. Unpaid, unrecorded meaning off the books overtime.

Too many places have the practice if having people clock out…but keep on working.


For certain people. I remember in a previous administration, kids off college were hired to do everything and anything around the office…at 20k pkus a pop. Kids were if course selected the same way they select the tidai in cush positions. Win win for all involved.


Thank goodness the passengers are not blaming the driver. If anyone wants to cry their eyes out, watch the meeting today between the driver and his family, and the family of the people affected by the crash. They wished him a speedy recovery. He cried and wailed and begged for forgiveness. They asked him to live, to get well, that he was alive for a reaon, to help them find out what really happened.


Design flaw???


This is weird.

“The Japanese manufacturer of a train that derailed in Taiwan killing 18 people said it had discovered a design flaw that failed to alert the central control system that an automatic safety feature had been turned off.”

"There is no problem with the safety system itself, which is designed to automatically apply the brakes when the train exceeds the speed limit, the official said.

Nippon Sharyo’s Sato said the flawed blueprint was used in 19 train sets built for Taiwan, including the one that crashed. He said any decision on whether to fix the wiring was up to the Taiwan rail authority, which owns the trains."

They are the designer and manufacturer, ultimately responsible for a design flaw.


I would have THOUGHT that there would automatic notification to a central control desk if the safety systems had been switched off. This is not difficult stuff.

Now it wasn’t the core cause of the problem , which was negligence and cost-saving, but it’s certainly a big flaw in the system.


TRA didn’t request the function? Or, it is a function supposed to be provided?