Puyuma train derailed in Yilan (21 October 2018)



Not yet but it is SOP.


Western superiority? F-sakes. Calling a spade, a spade. What’s unappealing is brushing off incompetence because, “they do it over there too…boohoo”. How about, “why don’t they trust us?”. This country needs less stories about deaths attributed to corruption in order to be taken seriously outside the bubble. This is a huge accident that hurts the image abroad. Italy, Germany, England and Spain aren’t desperate for friends.


@SuiGeneris wasn’t trying to say Taiwan is not as good as X European or other western country. There are still hundreds, thousands of people here who are highly educated and capable, and who make their best effort to do things properly. There’s also sadly just as many people who chabuduo it up and don’t care.

There’s a reason why so many of the best and smartest leave instead of staying behind to boost their country up. There’s just nothing in it for them. They see Taiwan for what it is - a fishbowl - and move on to bigger places with greater opportunities and less complacency from others dragging them down.

It seems like the youth feel kind of hopeless. But it’s not really their fault. Most of them work awful hours in depressing conditions for stagnant salaries with little opportunity for growth, and live in the shadow of China’s boot. It kills your motivation for self-improvement.

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I don’t know about Taiwan trains but there’s some “dead man” pedal used in other trains that stops the train or perhaps triggers some alarm when the driver gets off them. It seems to me that the driver fucked up AND as it was said before the safe system that sets/controls the speeds was deactivated.

As some other people has pointed out, chabuduo is a factor here.


I remember an accident in Japan.


Seems like an SOP failure if they turned off the automatic speed limit system . Or was it even functioning at all? That is a very well known cause of train accidents. If so heads should roll.

I remember the same issue happened in the Spanish high speed crash, going too fast around the bend.


this is sad news


Was the tilting mechanism turned off or not functioning ?

Puyuma are tilting trains which allow higher speeds thru turns as long as it’s working


Tilting is for the comfort of the passengers, but does not change anything to the mechanical limitations of the trains fitted with it.


You are sure about that ?


Yes and no. The tilting isn’t just about comfort, it is about high speed feasibility. You can’t run a normal train at 200 km/h around corners without risk of injury to passengers. The G-forces would slam standing passengers into seats and walls and cause stuff to fly around the carriage.


I don’t see how tilting the wagon would prevent that. What I see is how it helps to counter fight the eccentric force (probably this is not the right term). Same applies to two wheeled vehicles. That’s why riders tilt down their motorcycles for taking curves.


It doesn’t matter if it is Japan, Spain, China, The USA, Canada, The UK, India, Taiwan or any other place.

In all these cases there were mechanical or procedural failures. All of which were and are preventable. Therefore, any person found responsible for negligence should be held accountable. If it is discovered that it was due in part to orders from on high to cut corners to pocket the money, then those people should also be held accountable to the fullest extent that the law allows.

That was and is my point. It has absolutely nothing to do with Western superiority, fake news or other BS. Am I clear now?


News is now reporting it was going 140kph in a 60kph area.


If he was on the phone then that’s it. I bet he was on the phone. Same happened in the accident in Spain.

I keep seeing policemen on their phones instead of working. Every day.


A monkey could see the train was going too fast for the bend.
TRA are idiots trying to make up some other bollocks story.


That is why we need automated protection systems, and them not turned off…


Let´s see if I get my 2 cent thory in, regarding order of teh events:

  1. Mechanical failure, could be caused by a mishap like something on the rails or some other issue, like metal fatigue, or buying wrong parts/missablembly during the overhaul last year.

  2. Due to the failures, there were delays, but the breakdowns were not warrant serious enough as to stop teh train. On teh contrary, someone demanded/decided to push on, to catch up time, and hence…

  3. Turn off automatic. Full speed ahead.

Question: how long had this driver been working that route? How could he not anticipate the curve ahead? Unless

  1. b. Something caused teh brakes to fail. Hence, it was not speeding but rather inability to break what caused the accident.

Apple Daily reported that the accident took place on a curve in the track, while the Automatic Train Protection System (ATP) had been disabled prior to departure due to a malfunction, and that could have contributed to derailing the train, permitting it to go too fast for the curve, according to people familiar with the matter. The system is designed to enforce adherence to a commanded speed pattern and to prevent accidents. TRA emphasized the cause is still under investigation.

Fascinating. So the ATP malfunctioned, a crucial element, and instead of stopping the train, they just put the burden on the driver… and on not having any brake issues. Now I want to know who authorized teh train to go with a key component missing. Like without AC, I can fly, but they don´t. What´s next, no windows, no wheels OK?


Sure. And MAYBE personal phones should be banned in certain jobs.


Article says normal operating speed is 130kph, but it was going 140kph and unless it was going down hill, it should not have been going 140kph.

Surely even if the brakes failed, there would be some sort ability to engine brake that would slow it down at least a bit?