Puyuma train derailed in Yilan (21 October 2018)



That’s where TRA is trying to redirect the story to. The ATP “blackbox” has been recovered, and the prosecutor claims there is no indication that the ATP system was turned off or malfunctioning.

The TRA also said that the driver reported issues with the breaks several times, and technicians were sent on to the train to fix the issue during on of its stops in Yilan. The technicians reported to have resolved the issue.


Your claims do not match my experience. For travel in the last 12 months they only look for if you traveled to malarial areas. Your claims about South America and diplomatic allies are complete nonsense.


The thing is, if Apple Daily is right, there was not a secondary system in place, a plan B. The ATP is supoposed to work as alarm and deterrent and actual brake. I mean, teh guy is at teh front, he is seeing the curve, why can´t he brake?

It is like getting in a car and having the brakes fail. You kind of go on driving with the emergency brake, even though there is a rattle and the battery is so low you can´t play the radio. You wouldn´t be speeding even if you are late for work unless you have a death wish. Then the rearview nmirror falls off…*

*happened to me BTW


What would be the interest of the TRA in saying that there wasn’t turned off?


So the ATP being disabled/turned off is another great example of reporting by Apple Daily and CNA?

Or… well, you know…


You’ve been told wrong. You don’t need to prove anything. They ask, you answer. If you meet the requirements, you can donate. I’ve been donating regularly here and have never been asked to prove I haven’t been in the UK.


Take your passport with you, more importantly than the ARC.


You need your ARC/APRC to show you are a resident. You do not need a passport to donate blood.


If I remember correctly, you do not even need your ARC if you have a Blood card (I had one when in Taiwan).


There’s just been another incident of BSE in Scotland, so I don’t think Great British blood is going to be accepted anytime soon. If ever.

It’s a shame, because I’m a rare blood group.


They are phasing out the blood donation cards this year. Last time I was in they copied the stamps into the computer and took it away.


I had travelled to the largest country in South America and was not in area with Malaria. Had just donated blood a month prior to the date (and it was after the trip) during one of the company blood drives, they didn’t even look at the form I filled wit the trip information. Following month here I am going to donate again and after the blood was drawn the lady says I can’t donate.

Guess if you are travellig in LA and NY is the same things, the virus will fly the whole continent or whatever. Also, had a friend with me who went to the same trip together but we are not from the same country and he is from one of the ‘Taiwan friends countries’. Yeah, maybe I am just writing nonsense…yeah, that’s that

Edit: friend works together, donated blood a month before no problem, same as me. Went in the following month and only I had problem because of ‘the trip’ the we both took together.


That would be a delightful miracle, since in most places they cannot move a thing without teh passport -telecom, banks, etc. I was thinking more in terms of having to check your travel history, which they can do if connected to NIA, if.


You guys full blooded atogas or ABC, CBCs, any BCs?


I’ve been told that both by the permanent donation bus near 台大 and by the place in 228 park. Both were…more than five years ago.

I’ve never been asked for anything when donating with an organization or business.


Don’t forget Lac Megantic in what everyone portrays as “Perfect Canada”
Or that time the TTC Subway collided with another train in 1995.
Or that time in 1979 a train full of toxic chemicals derailed in Mississauga causing an evacuation of 250000 people.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Canada, but it’s not perfect.


No Chinese blood whatsoever


I don’t weigh enough to give blood :pensive: No great loss though since my blood is almost useless. Not something really needed like O neg.

Hope you guys find a way to donate.


For just 500nt/h I can be your personal trainer and help you get the required weight. I’ve been an allegedly qualified dietologist for the last 25 seconds and my weight-gaining program is bulletproof. It’s going to be a tough challenge, not everyone is up for it…but isn’t that the purpose of life itself? To exceed our limits and scam money out of…no wait, and reach our goals no matter what?
The answer is: probably yes.

I noticed that now most media are embracing the 140km/h speed issue, though I haven’t read anything definitive about why it was going that fast.


They now have enough blood, and no need to donate. Blood can be kept for a month. They are afraid of blood shortage in a month later, because people should wait for 2 months for their next donation.