Puzzles, the old-fashioned non-digital ones that the next-generation probably won't recognize

What are some good shops to buy puzzles?

Pintoo is a big chain around Taiwan with Taiwan made puzzles. But looking for something more and different.

Nice puzzles. But if I were to buy something here, I’d like more of a Taiwanese theme.
If you ever visit any of the museums of popular culture you’ll see some great advertising art and product design from the 50s 60s and 70s.
I’d like a puzzle of some of those.
That said is decent DIY puzzle kit where I can scan and some of those advertisements and make my own?

I would like to use my artwork on Pintoo puzzles. Is this possible? What are the requirements?

A higher minimum order quantity would apply. Please send us a message in the Contact Us page.

I remember it’s pretty expensive. I looked into making a puzzle of a photo I took of a painting that used to hang in my parents’ house; I wanted to give them to my siblings as gifts. I searched online and it cost a few hundred to thousands of dollars depending on the size and material used

Just this morning I saw an advertisement about DIY puzzles before a video started.
some guy was posing as a trash collector and secretly taking pictures of people, printing them out and then delivering a gift box with a with a puzzle inside.
he just printed it out and I ironed it right onto the puzzle blank.
The puzzle looked pretty good but then again it’s a staged advertisement so would you expect.

There’s the Puzzle Store in Eslite


This is the puzzle shop at some Eslite bookstores. They have (or had?) a store in Shida area too

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Looks like 9 shops in Taipei area.

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Nice! I didn’t see the English version when I found that website

That is Google chrome translated. No English on website.