Pymetrics Test

My wife failed a Pymetrics test recently and when she described aspects of it it sounded to me like a test for a psychopath. For example, she had to look at pictures of people and rapidly assess their emotional state. It was seriously weird what the company were looking for. She’d got through every other stage of the recruitment process and then failed with a series of games. Another game was blowing up a balloon - when do you stop (presumably to test risk tolerance). It was all very odd.

Has anyone else been through this process when applying for a job?

Took some sort of test that was supposed to test personality types years and years ago for a sales job. Got a letter back to say I failed the test, so went to their office and told them their test was shit and I only filled it in a certain way to fit what I thought they wanted in a sales guy. I got the job, turns out they turn everybody down and only give people the job if they go back and argue about it.

Had another one where there were about 4 or of us left and we had to argue about the order of all sorts of peoples profiles who could be saved in a situation where some of the people would die but not tol how many. The interview finished when I suggested making compromises, turns out they didn’t care the order people put things in they wanted to see who would make compromises.

Tests, it seems to me are rarely the point of the test they tell you.


Companies cannot discriminate based on age, gender, religion, Body Mass Index or appearance. HR often make up ridiculous tests and questionnaires to disqualify applicants without any reasons. Don’t feel bad. The company culture probably doesn’t fit any way. Still lots of great companies out there which values qualifications rather than playing games and silly tests.

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What kind of job was she seeking?

Some marketing role.