Q Bar

I didn’t expect to have turkey this year, but ended up going with some friends to a buffet. When I heard that it was a buffet, I imagined those big buffet places with lots of asian food. It turned out we went to Q Bar and it was a western style buffet. Nothing especially fancy, but they had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and goulash(don’t ask me why). Everything was pretty decent, though not spectacular. All in all, it was $330NT a person - not bad at all.

Too late for this year, but maybe something to keep in mind for the future. It got pretty packed in there, but we had a reservation set up earlier.

Just to reiterate, it was Q Bar in the Zhongxiao Dunhua area. As the name suggests, they have lots of different drinks available, as well…

Thought everyone knew the Q-Bar! The best burgers in Taipei.

16, ZhongXiao East Road, Sec.4, Alley19, Lane 216 - Go to California’s, cross the road, and its in the alleys behind there. Menu - burgers, fajitas, fried rice, pasta… large drinks measures. Friendly atmos, comfy sofas, pool table. Good mix of locals and expats… great place. See also:

Must say Q Bar is a class place for a couple of nice quiet beers and food with friends…the food is excellent espically the liguini with salmon…

It was also mentioned as a prime pick-up spot in next magazine 18 months ago. I have never witnessed much action there though.

Lots of mixing, locals and foreigners. Know a few couples who met there.

I have eaten there almost daily for three years. Its hot food, clean, tasty. One problem: you may need to move up a size in trousers…

I don’t eat meat but my carnivorous pals rave about the burgers. The drinks are stiff, I know that, and they have good chips, but I’ve not dined there for a long time. (Paco’s is around the corner)

That’s really sad. When I was a college girl, I waitressed one summer at a diner called “Tex and Shirley’s Pancake House” in Greensboro, North Carolina. There was this customer, Joe, who was about 45, divorced, who ate there alone almost every day of the week. He never ate the pancakes, and he instead dined daily on the $5.95 ribeye steak (well- done) that came with a salad with ranch dressing, fries, and sweet (bottomless) ice tea. Every once in a while he sprang for a piece of pecan pie. He used to tip all the girls the same. A whopping $2.00 on his $7 bill!
We loved him, but thinking about poor Joe, I wonder if he’s still alive or dead from an impacted colon.

Cocktails ease burgers’ passage…and met a beautiful woman there. I cope :wink:

yes, q-bar has good burgers, but the service is another thing. i have been there about a dozen times and on three or four occasions, the staff was downright annoying. one time, two of the waitresses were playing some kind of rock, paper and scissors game - the winner got to slap the loser on the arm which seemed to both of them so funny that they had to laugh outrageously loud and pound their fists on the bar. this went on for at more than half an hour. another time, one of the guys there decided to clean out the freezer, which was behind a curtain close to where i was sitting. it sounded like he had a pickax back there, bashing out the ice. of course, this was after he moved a lot of stuff out of the freezer, which meant banging into my table a hundred or so times. on the other hand, i’ve gone to q-bar and had no problems, and, as mentioned, the food is quote good. so, for me, it’s a crap shoot, which means i go there less than i would if there were more consistent service…

For me, the Q Bar is always a good choice BEFORE laundry day.

While the food is excellent given the price and while the drinks are cheap and strong, the mix of smoke and grease permeate your very essence long after you walk out the door. That is the only negative I can say though.

I think the salmon pasta is great (maybe I will go tonight) and the burgers etc are all a great deal too.

that’s what makes their little patio area so nice (save for days when the temperature hits 37.8 degrees), as it allows you to go home smelling like gasoline fumes instead of burger grease. anyway, q-bar has good happy hour prices – ending at eight. but i still think their staff needs a bit better manners…

I just got back from Q Bar.

I could not believe how much smoke was in the air.
5 minutes after arriving, our eyes started burning and girlfriend told me the smoke was burning her throat.

Everyone was smoking and no fans or ventilation system.

Interesting, we ordered the Nachos with Chilli and Cheese and the sausages.

Most of it was from Costco - sausages, chilli, etc.

Ha, aha, we could of done this at home.


I had the Garlic Phily Cheese.

Anyone know if you can order to go?

I don’t want to eat in that ash tray again - even though the burger was great.

Yes you can order to go and we do it quite often - great burger fix but don’t those patties come from Costco too?
The standard of service has definately gone downhill in the past 12 months. Maybe cos the owner Randall isn’t around much anymore, never see him there these days…

Agree about the burgers and the atmosphere. If anyone would like to try something new and a little spicy, try the jalapeno burger. Randall the owner is great, and does his place proud. But also agree that the service can seriously suck sometimes. Typically, after I’ve gotten my food and first drink it usually takes at least five minutes to flag down our waitress again. Randall would probably rake in a few thousand NT per night if his staff were a bit more proactive in that regard.

In fact, literally every Taiwanese female that I’ve talked to has said that they’re treated horribly there. The perception on their part is that the waitresses are extremely rude to Taiwanese females.

Went there again and this time the service leaned toward being good. The guy took our order quickly, got our drinks right away, etc. but as you say Dahudze, it takes a while to flag the wait staff for the second drink. It’s kind of sad that I have to get out of my chair and go up to the bar and order because the staff is too busy watching TV to notice that the customers want to spend some more money (i.e. pay their salaries). But the food was good.

Since complaining about Q-bar’s service about six weeks ago, I’ve been there four times, most recently last week. Happy to say that I got excellent service every time and that the burgers were as good as ever.

And they do know how to pour a g & t.
In fact, they’ve got one of the heaviest pouring hands in town.

Are there happy hour prices on the G&Ts? Or is it just on the beer?