QE2, worst dressed toff in least secure palace

Well, they say she

I’ll just bet that hat was very expensive.

Who really cares?

I do. The Brisish royal family is the best media freak show in Europe. Our royals are soo boring. No scandals, dress well and never do anything to amuse us poor Danes.

Long live the republic!

You cared enough to take a peak at the post! :laughing:

I think Annette Lu should invest in some headgear like this. Forget all other attempts at looking modern or vice presidential. Just get down with your bad self, keep wearing that fabulous dress given to you by the first lady from The Gambia, and invest in some headgear to hide the bad perm! Oh yes, and accentuate the cat glasses baby!

If you pull on that pearl necklace would a light turn on?

But just think how tight the security was this time because Bush was coming into town! Quite an embarassment for the security services.
In fact I read the fellow left the day before Bush was to visit the palace, claiming he would have had opportunity to assassinate both (if he had stayed). :shock:

Of course the Brits are excellent at two things: pomp and incompetence.

Laura has opted for a very safe and regal choice of colour, and Mrs. Windsor is certainly looking more glamorous in this one. But what does she keep in those little handbags?

A Gameboy?

These toffs are pretty badly dressed too:

This may sound like a silly question, but does the queen have credit cards? When she wants to go shooping does she pay or have one of her ladies-in-waiting pay?

In general ladies in waiting. I don’t think that she has held a coin in her life. Don’t ask her how to take the subway, she wouldn’t know.

There was a British royal who burned to death. He sat in his chair and saw a log fall out of the open fireplace and set fire to the carpet. However, as he was used to have servants around him wiping his butt, he just sat there and waited for them to show up - and burned. He did not know what to do.

QEII has a racy magazine and a used condom in her handbag. What else?

[quote=“Durins Bane”]This may sound like a silly question, but does the queen have credit cards? When she wants to go shooping does she pay or have one of her ladies-in-waiting pay?[/quote]She doesn’t carry cash, her people pay for her. They probably do her make up too, so she doesn’t have lipstick in her little handbag either. Must have some special queenie things in it.

I wonder if anyone ever asks her for her ID?

Queenie things. Let’s see…probably a hanky, keys to the castle, cell phone, codine, an apple to give the horses that pull her carriage, and ID.

The Big Babou wrote [quote]Who really cares?[/quote]Cheers to that.

However much I laughed at Maoman’s suggestion, the Queen is far from stupid–she may just get mugged and the would-be mugger would certainly sell that little tidbit to the tabloids.

What’s really in her handbag? Nothing so nefarious I’m afraid–just a clean pair of gloves and her spectacles.

Her Gameboy, you ask. Where’s that? Alongside her usually. Philip, you see, is her gameboy. And besides, he’s far too tall to fit into her handbag.


Even us plebs don’t have to carry ID in the UK YET! Though our beloved government is dying to impose them on us as part of the ‘war against terror’.

Naturally the poor old biddy’s poor taste extends well beyond her clothes and choice of husband.

[quote]Flock and awe: Queen uses Tupperware

A tabloid reporter’s tale of working undercover as a Buckingham Palace footman has deeply shocked British commentators.

That wallpaper!

That Tupperware and plastic yoghurt pot on Her Majesty’s breakfast table!

That “eat, drink and remarry” pillow in Prince Andrew’s sitting room![/quote]

A fellow Oostralian.