Qik, point & shoot webcam, or what?

Looking for a little guidance here.

First, does anyone have much experience with Qik, a service that lets you upload video from your cell phone? And, is it possible to get an unlimited data package from a cell phone carrier in Taiwan?

Second, any seen a point and shoot (preferably with HD) that can double as a webcam?

I’ve seen one bluetooth webcam (expensive) that would make a decent nanny cam (actually, all of this is for the benefit of my folks, who are not pleased that their first grandchild will be born so very far away), but the range and resolution are fairly limited.


i dont know much about point and shoot with HD webcam capabilities, but a quick search suggests that there will be more in 2009, and a few models currently have that:

cnet.com.au/point-and-shoots … 825.htm#vp

Samsung NVxxx
Panasonic Lumix
Sony T500

Don’t know much these models, but the Lumix and NV series generally come well recommended.

i read that the new Canon EOS 5D DSLR has really nice HD video (i’ve seen a video, and it’s quite impressive), of course that’s not in the point and shoot category/price range.

your other option might be the handheld cameras e.g. that Sanyo, Sony, etc make. Theyve come down in price a lot and the newer highend models are all full HD. E.g. Sanyo Xacti.

I’ve seen the Samsung NV#, and it’s impressive. Particular as it’s only NT$10,000.

I’d rather hold out for the next Pentax DSLR, if it has video, but they’re not saying and it’s not going to fit in my pocket (nor the diaper bag).