Anyone know much about QLED TVs? I would go with OLED but they cost a bit more and I won’t be living in my current location more than 1.5 years from now. Can’t bring that TV with me. I am looking at 2018 models since they’re about the same as 2019 and cost significantly less. I am considering the Samsung model


It’s a filter bonded to the panel and it makes the colors better. Samsung is the leader in Quantum Dot. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_dot_display

If it were me, I would buy the cheapest HD tv that has the number of HDMI inputs you need.

Do you watch appointment tv in Italy (like sports)? If so, do Italians broadcast in any resolution higher than 1080p? Do you own blu-ray or other high quality discs that require anything above 1080p?

If you don’t, then if it were me I would buy a used 1080p set in good shape. If you have friends or family who are able to make you feel grief over not having the latest and greatest toys, then consider slapping a QLED or OLED sticker over the appropriate place on the tv, or hiring a tech-savvy kid to do it for you. I guarantee you nobody will ever recognize the difference in pic quality.

Now, if you or those friends/family have 4k quality movies you want to stream (on say Apple TV) - and if you have the internet bandwidth to supply the amount of data needed for 4k - then and only then would I consider something really fancy and hi-tech. Or, if you own 4k video files that you store to a hard drive that you’d watch from - I’d consider buying 4k then, too.

Otherwise - if it were me and I was going to ditch it all anyway in 1.5 years - I’d buy a used Samsung, LG, Sony, or Sharp HD HDtv and be done with it. Television hardware is a racket almost as big as the smartphone racket imo, it’s all about pay to play.

But then again, I am a cheap bastard. :grin:


Q8FN is the best for gaming.


Me too. I have a used LG. When I upgrade to 4k, I’ll go get another used one.

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I stream HDR and 4K with Netflix. I don’t use cable anymore, I only watch when I have time and things I actually want to watch. I also play my play station here and there when something fun comes out. So I want a nice TV haha.

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I looked into this a few months ago. 65 and 75 inch Q9FN are some of the best bang for buck TVs around and by far the best choices for gaming if you are into that sort of thing.
The current QLED is actually a quantum dot layer added on top of an LCD, starting from 2021 they are going to release actual QLEDs. That might sound like you are getting an older technology but LCD is a more mature technology and puts up a good fight when you ignore the most expensive bracket.

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Yes I was looking at that. I think a 55’ is good enough. I would spend more if I’m going to have that TV for 3-4 years. But that’s not the case and I can’t bring it with me when I move.

If you want something cheaper look at Q60R. If you wanna play games on it, I would still go for 65" inch since it has a 120hz refresh rate.

I think the 55 has 120hz as well.

Yup, shitty memory lol. I just checked it, 43 and 49 are 60Hz, the rest are 120Hz.

For sure getting a 120hz.

I think this is what I will get. 1,100 euros on sale for a QFN7 65’ . 800euros was my original budget but that only gets me a 55’ QFN6. I don’t know if I should spend 300 euros more or not…

I ended up getting the Samsung q9fn at 65in. It’s the top of the line QLED TV Samsung had to offer. Found it on sale from place trying to liquidate their 2018 stock.

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I didn’t realize how big 65’ was. I actually need to buy a new TV stand because the stand fits by a inch on each side.

Where did you buy it? I’m looking at getting the 75 inch 90R. Originally I wanted the LG OLED 77c9, but it costs $6k in the US and about $21k in Taipei, and I haven’t found any store that sells it (the price is from LG directly).

They always look bigger at home than in the store. What’s your seating distance?

It should be about 6.5ft from the screen with your head on the bottom third horizontal for best results.

You’ll get a better soundstage from that soundbar you are looking there too.

I’m not in Taiwan right now idk where to get it there.

Yeah, I have it set up about that distance. Although our tv table is too small. I’m looking at how much to mount it vs buying a new tv table.

Also looking to get a sound bar.