QR Code Shenanigans

Now that we have to scan our QR codes everywhere we go, I often open my QR code app as I approach the store. Sometimes though, I’ve noticed that the app I use is particularly sensitive at finding information where you wouldn’t think there’d be information.

For example:

We have this pavement.

This ceiling at Danshui Station

These characters

The floor on the MRT

And these tiles and wooden kerb

I wonder if those characters hide a secret pin code I have just discovered.


Looks like your QR code reader is an advertising and marketing scam.


It just has a single ad on it.

What happens if you point it at yourself? :flushed:

It crashed. Too much knowledge and information.


What’s it finding when you point it pavement or ceiling? Does it pop up a website or something.

I’m confused mine only registers when it sees a QR code. Well it’s my camera app so

The top of the screen shows what info it finds.

Often numbers or letters.

Actual QR codes produce legible info like this 711 QR.

I am just amused at it finding QR codes where there are none.

Oh, they’re there. Most of us just aren’t supposed to see them! Hiding in plain sight.

This has promise as some kind of conspiracy theory techno thriller. Badly done with Dan Brown or M. Night Shyamalan, or the 22nd subplot in a Neal Stephenson novel.


There is a lot of different QR code formats and a normal app tries to recognize them all. This leads to high number of false positives.

I started to use the official Taiwan Social Distancing app’s scanning feature. It only looks for the SMS QR code.


Yea but that’s boring. lmao


I’m trying to read a QR Code someone sent me, but I’ve not being able to do it.
I usually rely on my Samsung camera, and it generally works well, but it seems it’s not getting this time. I think it may be due to the lack of contrast between the QR Code and its background, but I’m not sure.
What other apps are you using as reader?

I recommend TrendMicro QR Scanner. Local product, no spying (excessive permissions) or advertising built-in.