Quake reports

i once had a very good quake report website saved in my bookmarks,but not anymore,
anyone have the link?

I got these links from jlick on the “Earthquakes 2008” thread:

Here’s the USGS’s earthquake page for the world:

Here’s the USGS’s earthquake links page for Taiwan:
earthquake.usgs.gov/regional/wor … egionID=21

Here’s the Taiwan Central Weather Bureau’s English-language page:
On the left side of the page, if you cilck “Seismicity,” you’ll get three links: “Earthquake Report,” “Seismicity,” and “Special Report.”

[quote=“Also, jlick”]Sign up for Taiwan earthquake alerts:
English: lists.jameslick.com/mailman/list … e-alert-en
中文: lists.jameslick.com/mailman/list … e-alert-zh[/quote]

thanks a lot!